Are Your Customers Happy? CX Insights from Slush.
Customer Experience
5 Dec 2017

Helsinki has welcomed 20.000 innovators at Slush, the world’s leading startup event. This year among the main topics of “Technology” and “AI in Our Lives”,  you could also hear companies, both scaling and large, starting to talk about customer experience.

It has been our second Slush and we enjoyed every bit of it. Slush gave us an opportunity to meet new and already familiar people, secure a couple of deals and have meaningful conversations on customer experience.

Customer-obsessed cultures take a lead

A fantastic discovery was that more and more companies are paying attention to its customers and build the whole product based on customer wishes.

Are you customers happy? You should constantly ask this question whether you’re a startup or a corporation.

AI comes to Customer Experience – bad or good?

Digitalisation of customer experience has been one hot topic at Slush. Will AI help in solving customer-related issues? Certainly, yes!

AI is of help when it comes to engaging with customers and, also, analysing the data.

Did you know that text analytics at Lumoa are powered by AI?

Transformation of traditional industries

Customers are already getting to the centre of operations of many traditional industries. Despite the revolution of healthcare, food and energy industries are no exception, with more to come in the nearest future.

What is the end goal?

Customers might drive your business to the skies if you’re dealing them properly. Although, at the end of the day, what matters is doing the right thing. At Slush, another important topic was “How can you improve not only a life of your customer, but the wellbeing of the whole planet?

This year has been a fantastic time for customer experience field. Companies are quickly progressing on the way to understand customers and bring business value through customer experience. Customers are more and more often on the agenda of business and startup events, and what is even more important, in the entrepreneurs’ minds.

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