Mastering Customer Feedback Strategy: Essential Steps to Enhance Your Business and Service Quality

Customer feedback is a direct line to how your customers feel about your organization, its products and services. It’s one thing to believe your products are the best in the business, but if they’re not meeting your customer’s needs, you might as well be selling pie in the sky. Customer feedback analytics are invaluable to […]

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14 May 2024
Lumoa and GPT: How Lumoa Complements GPT for Actionable Insights

Recently, we did a study at Lumoa on the state of AI in Customer Experience and found out that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become a core component of improving customer experience (CX), especially in service industries. The uptake of AI in customer experience is very visible in its use across diverse industries, from manufacturing […]

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29 Apr 2024
Medallia vs. Qualtrics vs. Lumoa: A Buyer’s Guide

Every interaction with your business has the power to build or damage the relationship with your customer – and can directly impact your revenue. 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience (CX).  The pressure is rising for businesses to step up their CX game. More than 80% of […]

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29 Apr 2024

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5 Ways to Improve Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience is the online experience and the journey your customers go through while interacting with your brand. As a result of increased usage of digital technology, customers’ expectations of digital services are higher than ever – making the digital customer experience more important than ever.

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28 Apr 2020
What is Voice Feedback and How can You Generate Customer Insights From it?

What is voice feedback? With modern technologies available today, such as speech-to-text and artificial intelligence it’s possible to automatically generate insights from calls. In this article, we’ll explain what voice feedback is and how to generate customer insights from it.

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14 Apr 2020
CX Management for Growth Companies – Lumoa Leads the Way

We recently sent out an NPS survey to all of our customers, asking them how likely they were to recommend Lumoa to their friends and colleagues. In this article, you can read more about the results, and how we manage and act on our customer feedback.

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12 Mar 2020
7 Ways to Allocate Customer Experience Resources More Wisely

When money is tight and businesses are going through hard times, how can a business properly manage their customer experience management (CXM) resources wisely? We’ll share everything you should know about allocating and managing your customer experience program when times are tough.

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20 Mar 2020
How to Use Automation within Customer Experience

Within customer experience management there are many manual and repetitive activities that have the potential to be automated.  We’ll explain why you should automate activities within customer experience management, and we share real-life cases of customer experience automation. 

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14 Feb 2020
How to Prioritize Customer Experience Needs

We share best practices on how to prioritize customer experience initiatives. Due to limitations in resources, organizations have to prioritize which initiatives to spend their money on. You have to consider which initiatives have the most potential to impact customer effort for your priority customers.

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31 Jan 2020
How Great Employee Experience Influences Customer Experience

Organizations are starting to realize the key to a world-class customer experience is nailing the employee experience first. After all, satisfied employees are more likely to create satisfied customers.

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22 Oct 2019
What Customer Churn is and How to Calculate it

What is customer churn? It means that your customer canceled their business with you, or decided not to renew the agreement they previously had. You calculate the churn rate by dividing the # of lost customers by # of customers at the start of the defined period.

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17 Sep 2019
How to Improve Customer Experience: A Step by Step Guide

Improve your customer experience right away using this simple step-by-step guide. Learn about the popular practices and avoid most common mistakes. Find a new approach to address your customers and act on customer feedback.

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1 Feb 2023