Customer Experience in Retail Guide: Explanations, Strategies, & the Future of CX

Before the digital age, customer experience in retail was a completely different world. Success depended on creating an excellent physical environment for shoppers. Businesses focused on product arrangement, purchasing/return processes, and employee helpfulness. These elements, and others, are still significant today, of course. Where and how they take place has changed, of course. But the […]

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3 Feb 2023
How to Improve Customer Experience: A Step by Step Guide

Improve your customer experience right away using this simple step-by-step guide. Learn about the popular practices and avoid most common mistakes. Find a new approach to address your customers and act on customer feedback.

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1 Feb 2023
Improving Your Customer Service with a Comprehensive Customer Experience Audit Checklist

Civil rights activist Maya Angelou once said that people will forget what you said or did but will always remember how you made them feel. This is especially true when it comes to serving your customers. Customer service in the 21st century is not just the prerogative of one specific department but of every business […]

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27 Jan 2023

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3 Apr 2017
Want to retain your customers? A true story of what not to do

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