Customer Experience in Retail Guide: Strategies and the Future of CX

Let’s face it; running a retail business is unforgiving work. First, your brand needs to compete against hundreds of others in a crowded marketplace. Meanwhile, customers are rolling in options and will drop a brand for its competition the moment they have a negative experience. That’s why creating a customer experience (CX) that helps your […]

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3 Feb 2023
How to Upgrade to an Advanced Customer Experience Strategy

Check the latest easy quick-win loyalty-boosting customer experience strategies to power up your CX in 2019!

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14 Feb 2024
Creating a Powerful Customer Insight Strategy

A customer insight strategy help organizations to ensure that customer insights are used in the development of products and services on a continuous basis.

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8 Feb 2024

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9 Lessons Of Growth And Customer Experience From Intercom

Intercom is a well-established name and a wanna-be in customer experience management. Since the early days, the startup focused on building strong relationships with the customers and achieved the highest growth rates thanks to that. We interviewed Jeff Gardner, Head of Platform Partnerships at Intercom to know more.

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8 May 2018
Customer Centricity: 10 Strategies To Implement

Start 2019 with these 10 simple steps and build the fundamentals of your customer-centric culture. Nurture customer centricity in your company and lead your organization through the customer-centric transformation.

Customer Experience
10 Dec 2018
Lumoa Just Got Better

Lumoa is customer experience management platform that enables categorisation of customer feedback. Our text analytics, powered by AI and Machine Learning, are used by the leaders in the industries in the Nordics. Learn more about our service.

Lumoa Updates.
14 Dec 2017
Text Analytics as Future of Customer Experience? We Asked Jim Tincher.

Jim Tincher shares why text analytics is the future of customer experience, why you should measure not only Net Promoter Score, but also the system and how jam can decide consumer behaviours.

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18 Dec 2017
How to Collect Customer Feedback

Want to know how to collect customer feedback? How do design your customer surveys to ensure high response rate? Read about the best practices, find out when, where and how to ask for feedback and build a follow-up plan.

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19 Nov 2017
Celebrating One Year in Business

Find out how Lumoa celebrated its first anniversary, what we have learnt, what we achieved and what mistakes we made.

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15 Nov 2017
4 Real-life Examples When Social Media Influenced Customer Experience

Dig into the real-life examples of social media use for customer support and improving customer experience. Follow the best practices from the recognised companies, learn how they deal with customer support and customer complaints on social media.

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13 Oct 2017
7 Ways to Increase Response Rate of NPS Surveys

Do you measure Net Promoter Score but the response rates are too low? Use these 7 techniques to increase your response rates to customer surveys and understand what customers are saying about you.

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21 Sep 2017
7 Common Net Promoter Score Problems & Mistakes

Find out what are the most common mistakes and challenges when measuring Net Promoter Score. Learn how to avoid them, when to ask for feedback, how to deal with promoters and detractors and spread the results across your whole organization.

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24 Jul 2017