Creating an Action Plan For Your Customer Feedback Strategy

Customer feedback is a direct line to how your consumer base feels about your business and its products. It’s invaluable information that enables you to address problems, make changes where necessary, and give your customers more of what they love. How customers react to your products and services is vital data, but it’s only accessible […]

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10 Mar 2023
How to get Insights from Customer Conversations

Every company wants to know what its customers think of its product- but few think of simply asking them directly. Conversations with customers are the ideal way to get valuable insight and feedback into an organization’s performance. It allows companies to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and work on these issues quickly and flexibly.   Garen […]

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7 Mar 2023
The Power of Customer Empathy in Supercharging Your Customer Experience

Customer empathy allows you as a business to solve problems faster, create stronger bonds and get better insights from your customers.

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9 Mar 2023

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Accelerating the Customer Experience post-COVID

The pandemic has changed and will continue to change many things about how we consume products and interact with businesses. So what does “post-Covid” CX look like?

Customer Experience
24 Aug 2021
Utilize Customer Journeys to Transform the Customer Experience

Companies have traditionally looked to improve customer experience by focusing on particular touchpoints, which sometimes can create misleading results. Even if a touchpoint scores high for satisfaction, that doesn’t mean that the customer didn’t encounter any other problems.

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3 Aug 2021
10 Best Customer Experience Books

We have listed our top 10 must-read customer experience books that will help you level up your customer experience management skills.

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1 Jul 2021
Diversity in Customer Experience: What, Why and How

Diversity in customer experience is important since it allows for improved communication, empathy, and understanding towards your customers.

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23 Jun 2021
CCaaS Trends: The Evolution of Cloud Contact Centres

Cloud Contact Center as a service is an absolute need for all businesses who are scaling up. Ccas helps customer service agents to offer advanced customer support.

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23 Jun 2021
EP 2: Inside CX by Lumoa – Democratization of CX and the importance of diversity

In episode 2, we are joined by Merete Medle, Customer Experience Manager at ICE Norway. We talk about democratizing customer experience in organizations and the importance of being able to offer diverse experiences.

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23 Jun 2021
Ep 1: Inside CX by Lumoa – Linking Customer Experience with Business Outcomes

Episode 1: In this episode, we have Johanna Sinkkonen, CEO and co-founder of Lumoa, joining us to discuss the link between customer experience and business outcomes.

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15 Apr 2021
Emerging Customer Experience Trends in 2023

Prepare for the new and emerging trends in the world of customer experience. We have listed seven emerging customer experience trends for 2021 you should be aware of.

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8 Nov 2022
Actionable Insights: What, Why and How

Actionable insights are data sets that prescribe any direct, meaningful actions you can take based on the analysis of raw data.

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1 Apr 2021