Amplify Customer Experience in Retail with Conversational AI

The Ecommerce industry has seen an impressive development in recent years. Not only are online retailers enjoying massive revenue from their customers (expected to be over $6 trillion in 2022), but the platforms themselves are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. Now, technologies such as AI and machine learning are driving highly personalized customer experiences. They can […]

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30 Nov 2022
Evolution of Customer Experience in E-Commerce 2023

The evolution of customer experience in e-commerce has grown exponentially since the pandemic making customer experience more important than ever. Customers search for easy shopping solutions on clear, engaging websites. In the past two years, we’ve seen a massive surge in online shopping, from tech products to fashion items. E-commerce sales are now projected to […]

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18 Nov 2022
What is the role of customer experience in the telecoms industry entering 2023?

Recently, Lumoa held a webinar where customer experience (CX) experts talked about the role of customer experience in the telecoms industry entering 2023. In this live panel discussion, experts in the field discussed the challenges telcos are facing, the importance of integrating a CX Strategy into a business, and more. This blog will share some […]

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2 Nov 2022

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How to Prioritize Customer Experience Needs

We share best practices on how to prioritize customer experience initiatives. Due to limitations in resources, organizations have to prioritize which initiatives to spend their money on. You have to consider which initiatives have the most potential to impact customer effort for your priority customers.

Customer Experience
31 Jan 2020
A Checklist For Starting to Measure Customer Experience

We share a simple checklist you can use to quickly start measuring your customer experience. Even if you’re already measuring customer experience, the checklist will make sure you’re hitting all the right points along the way.

Customer Experience
10 Jan 2020
How to Create a Customer Journey Map in Three Steps

The customer journey map is a visual representation of the customer journey. Customer journey mapping is a way to overview the customer journey that helps you to manage the customer experience. 

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4 Dec 2019
The Value of Using Customer Insights

Every single team within your company can benefit from learning a bit more about your customers and what they’re thinking. In this article, we dive deeper into how different departments benefit from customer insights.

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13 Nov 2019
How Great Employee Experience Influences Customer Experience

Organizations are starting to realize the key to a world-class customer experience is nailing the employee experience first. After all, satisfied employees are more likely to create satisfied customers.

Employee Experience
22 Oct 2019
What Customer Churn is and How to Calculate it

What is customer churn? It means that your customer canceled their business with you, or decided not to renew the agreement they previously had. You calculate the churn rate by dividing the # of lost customers by # of customers at the start of the defined period.

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17 Sep 2019
Why Ask for Open-Ended Feedback in Surveys?

Sometimes, asking your customers for open-ended feedback can be better than giving a long survey to answer. When you ask for open-ended feedback, the respondent usually comments on what they experienced to be the most critical things in the interaction they just had with your company.

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26 Aug 2019
Why Is Customer Satisfaction Important?

The importance of customer satisfaction is generally taken for granted. If you don’t have a solid understanding of why customer satisfaction is important, you risk undervaluing it. Here are five reasons why customer satisfaction is important.

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13 Aug 2019
100+ Customer Experience Stats to Prepare for 2023

Customer Experience Find the latest stats on customer experience trends 99% of Customer Experience and Success leaders believe CEM has a positive impact on their business. (Lumoa, 2018) In 2019, customer experience will continue as a major factor in how companies do business. (Forrester, 2018) Over 80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on […]

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11 Sep 2022