The Helsinki dental clinic Hygga is one of the largest private clinics in Finland. With 80+ employees, the clinic brought the organization together to work on customer-centric culture and better customer service.


The healthcare industry is changing, and customers are right at the center of the change. The transformation of the industry is all about listening and empowering the customers’ voice. Now more than ever, a customer-oriented mindset together with a strong focus on people and personalization are vital for the growth and stability of a healthcare company. The industry becomes more competitive, and that means the customer experience is often the decisive factor where patients go to receive treatment.

Hygga’s resources in developing customer experience have been limited. Before, customer satisfaction was measured in connection with invoicing with a short feedback questionnaire appearing in the screens.

With the response rates being lower than expected and the with no open feedback questions asked, the company could not understand the drivers impacting the customer satisfaction. Therefore, Hygga turned to Lumoa.

Hygga implemented NPS into their daily operations and started to send out customer surveys utilizing Lumoa webform with the customers’ feedback flowing real time into Lumoa’s analytics service.

Lumoa’s service was integrated into Hygga’s own systems and day-to-day operations. Hygga is very advanced with data in general which became very apparent when deciding on which background variables to use in Lumoa’s service as filters. “There were lots of relevant background variables to choose from”, says Johanna, who managed the project from Lumoa. “It is a rare luxury in this industry.”

Lumoa’s online service features allowed Hygga to see their feedback instantly classified and find the root causes of customer churn. The easy to use UI helps Kaisa Mikkola, who is the head of the dental clinic in Helsinki, in checking regularly if there are any new topics to address or problems to improve.

The categories have been tailored for the healthcare industry with a particular emphasis on the categories only dental clinics would need. One example would be dentophobia: there are surprisingly many people thanking how a good and understanding care has helped them with their fear of dentists. Hygga was closely involved in ensuring that the categories are relevant from their point of view.

“Thanks to the feedback, I learn more and more about what is happening inside our dentist offices every day.
The voice of the customer is now an essential part of our development process and Lumoa provides the answers to the questions we have and leads us to the customer-feedback based decisions.”

Kaisa Mikkola, Head of the Clinic, Hygga

Voice of the customer has become an essential part of Hygga’s development. Customer feedback connected Hygga’s decision-makers to what was happening daily in the dentists’ offices. Now the feedback is discussed in the organization and heavily influences the way the company works.

Hygga implemented the new culture oriented on customers. Managers shared the importance of the customer experience with the employees to ensure that everyone understood the expectations associated with their roles. Customer promise was implemented on every stage of the customer path, as the whole organisation worked on how to ensure a positive experience for the customers.

With a high level of NPS, Hygga can count its customer experience as a competitive advantage. But what is even more important is the willingness to listen to the customers and to improve all the time. This culture will drive customer loyalty and make the company successful also in the future.