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OP Financial Group is the leading final services group in Finland. See how they have increased their CSAT and made customer experience everybody’s business.


As their strategy, OP has communicated a strong focus on customer experience. To stress the strategic importance of it, OP has built shared targets around customer experience including metrics such as NPS.

Once targets are set, the key question becomes, how do you empower employees to understand and act on customer feedback?

To drive customer centricity OP wanted to ensure that:

  • Employees understand that CX is everybody’s business
  • Customer feedback is available to everybody in an easy to digest format

The search for a suitable tool for analyzing customer feedback and making it available to everybody began at the Customer Insight function.

Pia Hannukainen, Senior Specialist, Customer Value Creation, who was steering Customer Insight at the time, recalls that before Lumoa, the lack of suitable tools often meant that only the NPS score was being tracked. Analyzing free-text feedback was a labor-intensive job requiring a lot of manual work.

Now, after two years of using Lumoa at OP, Pia believes that it is a service that is truly focused on solving an important problem for organizations. Before choosing Lumoa, OP evaluated multiple alternatives and they all fell into two categories:

  • Miracle platforms consisting of consultants selling a platform promising to solve all their problems. However, it felt like a trap comprising of solutions that were too complex, would cost a fortune and take ages to implement.
  • The expert tools. Tools that may be easier to implement but that required a person with expert skills to be able to extract the insights out of their data and therefore not suitable for making them available to everybody.


Pia thinks Lumoa stood out because they understood the problem OP was trying to solve and provided a focused solution that was fast to implement and is very easy to use by any employee. She was especially drawn to the fact that Lumoa team focused on actionability.

As Juha Forsblom, current Head of Customer Insight at OP Financial Group, states:

“Lumoa helps us democratize customer feedback inside OP.”

“The best thing about Lumoa is that it eliminates organizational silos, empowering employees to find insights across all the channels”, adds Annilotta Hukkanen, Research Manager at Customer Insight.

In her experience, Lumoa makes customer feedback available to employees in a way that does not require a steep learning curve − it virtually needs no explanation.

“Lumoa can be used by any employee and no special skills are needed. As Lumoa’s business model is not based on selling licenses, the more employees we have looking at the data, the higher the ROI for us”, says Pia.

Both Pia and Juha also echo Annilotta’s opinion that Lumoa is very easy to take into use without substantial training, believing this to be one of the biggest benefits.

“It feels like Lumoa has gone viral and people are proactively asking for access to the tool. Additionally, when colleagues realize how easy it is to use, new data sources are being introduced“, mentions Annilotta.


For OP the beauty of Lumoa is that it enables teams with completely different skills to base their decisions on customer feedback. Virtually any employee can benefit from the tool and drive OP’s customer agenda.

For example, designers use the tool to set a foundation for the new projects they are working on, and this foundation is heavily anchored in customer feedback.

Product and service owners also use Lumoa on a regular basis. Lumoa’s flexibility allows easy tracking of what customers are saying about the products and services that they are responsible for, and to easily understand the actions they need to take to improve them. Nowadays, Lumoa is introduced to new POs as part of their training.

Business leads can also use Lumoa and have noted the empowerment that it provides for the entire organization.

Pia strongly believes that “Lumoa fits your needs for analyzing customer feedback whether you are a big corporation or a growth company. It doesn’t require heavy integrations or building your own systems, and you will be empowered to act on feedback much faster.”

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