Outotec designs, sells, and implements complex mining technology and plant projects, with a clear focus on sustainability. See how they have simplified customer feedback analysis and made insights available to the whole organization.

Access to feedback

In 2017, Outotec set up a continuous customer feedback collection process with Microsoft Dynamics’ solution – “Voice of the Customer”. It was the ambition of Maarit Kivinen, Customer Insights Director at Outotec, to aggregate all their customer data that they used for improvements across the entire organization. However, as the volume of feedback started to increase, the analysis of open-ended feedback became a bottleneck.

Outotec started to look into different solutions that could help them analyze the feedback. They researched various service providers, looking for simplicity, speed, intuitive use and easy integration with their existing survey platform.


Customer focus is a critical part of Outotec’s strategy and their values, and it was essential for them to have access to customer feedback in real-time, and for their employees to have the ability to access this customer feedback. It was important that the feedback and the insights were easy to understand and demonstrated a clear link to business impact since customer feedback is a key driver of their strategy and value creation.

Maarit Kivinen says: “Everybody should have access to customer data. Since people have to learn and use different systems for their work, it was very important for us that any tool was easy to use, and Lumoa was very intuitive to use, even though our data is quite complex.” The clear user experience that Lumoa provided was an important factor for Outotec.

Outotec want to ensure that their company values are driving their actions, both internally and in customer interactions. Customer data and analytics are the building blocks of the customer focused culture at Outotec. Therefore, they decided to structure the customer feedback in Lumoa around their values. With Lumoa they can see how company values are demonstrated in customer interactions. “We want our values to be concrete – to guide our work and to ensure that we live up to them”, comments Maarit.

In addition, Lumoa was a credible solution provider with experience and they understood the challenges that Outotec was facing. Maarit says: “Lumoa speaks my language, it’s clear they have experienced my problems and understand what I need. They weren’t like consultants that just wanted to sell you a solution and then leave you with it, without any support”.

Outotec started to use Lumoa for analyzing the NPS feedback that they received from the Microsoft Dynamics collection. Setting up Lumoa and the onboarding process was easy and fast. The Outotec team included the senior management from the outset of the project.

Before Lumoa, Outotec reported customer insights on a quarterly basis. Reporting took around two weeks of work because they had to manually go through all their data, and it resulted in complex excels and charts. Because the excels were so complex, they couldn’t share the data easily to other stakeholders within Outotec.


Now with Lumoa, the time spent on creating reports has reduced considerably. This allows Maarit and her colleagues to expand the reach of the feedback within the organization and engage a more diverse set of stakeholders. In addition, Outotec employees can now see all their analytics in real-time, and not just on a quarterly basis as they did earlier. User adoption has doubled during the last month and, since its introduction, the interest in using the results generated from Lumoa’s analytics has risen, all the way from senior management to the executive board.


With Lumoa, data complexity is not a bottleneck anymore. Maarit feels confident about sharing the data with anyone at Outotec, and trusts that everyone can understand what they see. They have also been able to distribute insights to a larger audience. From producing only global reports, they are now able to generate more specific reports that leaders in different market areas, business lines and global functions can use to understand the customer needs. “Basically, any team can use Lumoa to improve Outotec’s performance, as Lumoa helps us to find the relevant insights for all user groups”, comments Maarit.


As a result of implementing Lumoa, Outotec has been able to expand the way they think about customer feedback. For instance, in addition to analyzing negative feedback and looking at the things that can be improved, they are now able to see what delights the customers and apply that understanding in sales and marketing. Product development can seek specific feedback about certain products, and human resources can look for comments related to competencies. They have had the data all along, but with Lumoa they are able to react much faster and in a much broader scope than before.