Reima is a global leader in functional kids’ wear, combining brand and franchise stores with a strong online presence. See how they make decisions based on what is important for their customers.


Customer experience development is not something new for Reima. Before starting their cooperation with Lumoa, Reima conducted several separate studies of their customer experience, typically on a needs basis. In addition to these ad hoc projects, Reima also carried out brand awareness studies every two years.

Johanna Sarviharju, Chief Experience Officer at Reima, explains:

“It was time for us to move away from longer ad hoc surveys and shift the focus to real time customer experience measurement. We needed a solution for this. We wanted to get real-time visibility to the customers, their satisfaction and daily problems. We also wanted to have one customer experience metric to follow.”

Reima knew that occasional one-off studies were not the best way to understand their customers. The children’s clothing business is highly seasonal, and customer loyalty needs to be earned every season with the new collection. As the seasons change, so do customer perceptions. The Reima team concluded that they should stay on the customer pulse on a continuous basis.


Reima started to investigate different customer experience measurement solutions. They looked into some survey tools, but they were not able to provide them with the advanced analytics that they needed.

“We receive feedback in multiple languages. We needed a solution that could analyse all of our feedback in any language and categorize it automatically without a lot of effort from our team”, says Johanna.

Lumoa – The Best Fit

Reima discovered Lumoa and found it to be the best solution for their needs. Lumoa’s translation and categorization features matched the need Reima had. With Lumoa, Reima can easily see what matters most and where to focus their improvement efforts.

“The ease of use matters for us: Lumoa’s simplicity and clarity makes it easy to share across the company”, says Johanna.

Antti Hänninen, Consumer Data Analyst at Reima, highlights the importance of relevant categorization:

“As Lumoa categorizes all our feedback automatically, I have been able to shift my focus from reading through the comments to just focusing on the most relevant issues.”

Smooth Onboarding With Industry Specific Categories

Lumoa categorizes the text feedback into topics that Reima follows. In Reima’s business, the relevant categories include topics related to Reima’s products such as the product quality, perceived aesthetics etc. However, for the customer experience many other things matter as well: the online shopping experience, mobile experience, delivery time, product availability and the unpacking experience.

“The onboarding was straightforward. We provided Lumoa with some background information about our business, so that they knew how to interpret the feedback”, says Antti.

Based on this discussion, Lumoa created relevant categories for Reima.

Reima measures customer experience after the shopping journey, but they also want to track how customers see various parts of the journey. They utilize Lumoa’s text feedback categories to trace back the scores for each and every key step of the journey.

“We call this score the “Reima-score”, says Antti, “It provides us with a way to understand which parts of our customer journey work as they should, and where we have room to improve.”


Lumoa helped Reima overcome their biggest challenge of starting continuous measurement of the customer experience.

“We share the results from Lumoa every month with Reima’s leadership team. We follow the development of experience across the customer journey and also see how our various clusters – geographic regions – are performing. Thanks to Lumoa we are able to get a comparable view across clusters and see what drives the differences”, comments Johanna.

Identifying and Eliminating Bottlenecks

After implementing Lumoa, Reima has made several new discoveries about their customers and processes that they have been able to use to drive improvement. Antti tells about how the purchasing process included some problems they were not aware of before seeing the feedback via Lumoa. Problems with the mobile user experience, and issues with how the shopping basket behaved were identified based on Lumoa’s customer feedback analysis and fixed accordingly.

The Benefits of Lumoa

Johanna describes the benefits of Lumoa:

  • Lumoa has an essential role in making us a customer centric company. Everyone can understand Lumoa and it can be shared with anyone in the organization. The leadership team can use Lumoa to make decisions based on the customers’ view of what is really important.
  • With Lumoa we can focus on what matters, improving the biggest problems and re-enforcing and celebrating our biggest strengths.
  • With Lumoa, we can make sure that we only invest in initiatives that are the relevant for our business. We can make sure that we don’t make investments that won’t have an impact on the customer experience as a whole.
  • We can use the same tool across the entire organization. All the markets use the same tool without any increased cost.
  • The insights that Lumoa generates are easy to share and more importantly – easy to understand. Everybody can follow the pulse of the customer and see the development of the customer experience.”

Reima has made it easy for their employees to see the current pulse of their customers. They have made the Lumoa dashboard visible on common areas that their employees visit regularly, such as on their coffee machines.

Finally, “the best thing is that if you want to improve your customer experience, Lumoa will show you exactly what factors you need concentrate on”, says Antti.

And Johanna adds:

“With Lumoa we feel that there is a mutually beneficial partnership. Lumoa listens to us. Within Reima, people come to thank us for this tool. For me as the person responsible for the customer experience overall, it’s rewarding to see how Lumoa helps us to keep the customer in the center of our attention in every discussion we have and every decision we make.”

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