Headquartered in Stockholm, Telia is one of the leading telecomm in the Nordics. Read how they have increased CSAT by 30%, generated additional revenue, and established a customer-centric culture.


Interpreting customer feedback from multiple channels to drive sales and loyalty

With more than 20,000 employees and €8bn in revenue, Telia is one of the key telecommunications players in the Nordics. Their wide range of products and services – telephone and mobile internet subscriptions, broadband and channel packages, devices and entertainment – establishes them a new generation telecom operator.

It goes without saying that customer loyalty and satisfaction are at the center of Telia’s strategy to maintain and grow its market position.

For years now, the company has been receiving feedback from multiple channels, regarding different product and services, and related to various stages of the customer journey. This means thousands of customer responses per month.

Processing all that feedback, identifying the most important focus areas, and enabling employees to act accordingly was a real challenge for Telia.

My team was getting a lot of feedback from multiple sources, and in that situation it was hard to grasp what issues we needed to focus on.

Kalle Micklin, Product Owner

Sometimes glitches and specific signals were emerging, but since the feedback was all scattered and manually processed, it was almost impossible to make a business case to drive change.


An easy-to-use tool that gives immediate results

Telia decided to look for a solution that could consolidate different sources of customer feedback, generate insights, and empower every employee to take action to drive loyalty and satisfaction. For these reasons, the solution needed to be easy to take into use and fast to scale.

The final vision for Telia was that each department would have access to real-time insights that would allow them to quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and measure how their actions impact customer retention and revenue. That’s when Lumoa came into the picture.

“Lumoa is an extremely easy-to-use tool. It allows us to consolidate customer input from different channels. It also helps us optimize our services by finding concrete root causes of any issues”, says Jani Heinola, who manages people transformation and culture change in Telia.

During the pilot phase, Telia started with one specific area of feedback which they previously used to categorize manually. It didn’t take long for the team to realize that Lumoa was not only easy to set up and use, but that it also provided results they could immediately work with.

Lumoa has helped Telia Inmics-Nebula – a Telia subsidiary that offers ICT services – reduce reclamations and cancellations.

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Telia has since decided to add different data sources and touchpoints, both for B2B and B2C customers, as well as for internal tools.

“Lumoa’s team has always supported us with the technical implementation, and they have also provided useful recommendations around CX best practices and training”, Jani adds.

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A 30% increase in CSat and a shift in culture

Currently Telia has consolidated multiple data sources in Lumoa and they are adding more all the time, as people in the organization become aware of the benefits. Telia’s management, for example, has their own dashboard in Lumoa where they can track customer experience and the related goals on a daily basis.

“We got the benefit from Lumoa right away”, continues Kalle Micklin. “When I see a recurring topic in the feedback, even though it is something I had already suspected, Lumoa makes it so clear and obvious that it is easier to make it a priority.”

Kalle’s team works in a very agile fashion and Lumoa allows them to combine separate signals to pinpoint issues – however small – that are affecting the users the most. They can then proceed to fix such issues and see the impact of their actions on customer satisfaction.

“We started off with a CSat score of 3.5 (out of 5) half a year ago”, says Kalle. “Thanks to insights from Lumoa, we have gradually improved a lot of small issues and now we’re at 4.5 (out of 5). We’ve also received feedback from our salespeople highlighting that our product has improved significantly.”

The business results have not been far behind, as Kalle’s team also managed to increase sales of their product.

“We had issues with one of our user groups. With Lumoa we got a more exact understanding of what we needed to work on. Improving the speed of our product had a significant impact on that user group’s sales.”

Building on such positive experience, dozens of teams have now taken up Lumoa to measure and track CX.

“We are no longer limited to one team curating customer insights”, says Jani Heinola. “Now everyone has an easy-to-use tool to see and act on CX data. This is the great part about Lumoa – we can measure and track the improvement on the actions we make.”

“On a team level, developers and team members have been very excited to understand what users think about our product”, adds Kalle Micklin. “We used to rely on service designers for that information. Now our developers check Lumoa to see what users are saying and they are more empowered to find new solutions. It’s also motivating to see negative feedback disappear after you introduce some changes.”

Lumoa also helps Telia at a strategic level as the company now uses it to set up and track annual targets on a consumer and enterprise-level, reporting CSat and NPS scores on a monthly level to the CEO.

Lumoa has transformed our internal mindset to truly become a company that focuses on customer experience.

Jani Heinola,
Planning and Strategy of Digital Channels

“So many have adopted the tool”, continues Jani, “because it is easy-to-use and it enables each team to improve their own area of responsibility thanks to customer insights. It is one of the many concrete examples of how Telia systematically focuses on improving our customer experience.

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