Terveystalo is a Finnish company that provides healthcare, work healthcare and hospital care services for private persons, corporations, insurance companies and the public sector. See how they put customer feedback front-and-centre in the decision-making process.

Access to feedback

At first, the company was collecting only the Net Promoter Score and contacting selected respondents to understand their motives. However, they soon understood that there was further potential in open feedback given that it was structured in a meaningful way. Lumoa has provided a powerful tool for this and is currently used routinely to explain which factors are improving or lowering the NPS scores.

Collecting open text feedback helped Terveystalo identify customers’ struggles and favorites. “Now we understand our customers much better, we get a closer look at their pain points, and at the same time, we see the positive feedback and know what our strengths are,” – shares Riitta Vuorelma-Iho, Director of Customer Experience at Terveystalo.


Customer feedback has played an essential role in developing Terveystalo’s digital services, web and mobile applications. Before, to understand customer wishes and ideas, several customer interviews were conducted. Now, Terveystalo collects open text feedback from all the customers and the whole customer base is being heard.

“We use Lumoa to get deeper dives into customer feedback and find specific details. Customer experience has become a vital part of any project. With the data, we have been able to validate several hypotheses. We know exactly what our customers would prefer, and we are already working on it. Lumoa has given our customer voice a permanent sit at the discussion table and made it a part of daily routines and conversations,” – reveals Joonas Tunturi, Digital Director at Terveystalo.


Terveystalo has decided that customer feedback should be used as widely as possible in the organization as means to engage and motivate people in developing customer experience further.

Having the feedback clearly structured with Lumoa enables this and gives the units in different parts of the company similar view of the positive and negative issues at hand. “Lumoa gave us an easy system to know what stands behind NPS and made customer voice visible on all layers of service”- confirms Vuorelma-Iho.