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From Customer Experience to Business Value

From Customer Experience to Business Value is a workbook to help you prioritise and sell customer experience initiatives Most companies nowadays agree that customer experience is important, but the real challenge starts when it’s time to prioritise customer experience initiatives over other actions that seem to have a clearer business value.

How to Calculate the 5 Most Important Customer Experience Metrics and KPIs

Get your copy and become an expert on how to calculate the 5 most important Customer Experience metrics and KPIs! Learn from our examples how to calculate and use: Net Promoter Score (NPS) Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Customer Effort Score (CES) Customer Churn Rate Customer Retention Rate

Guide to Survey Design Best Practices

Download the guide to survey design best practices to learn: The principles of survey design What types of questions to use The do’s and don’ts of creating questions How to generate insights from survey responses

Guide to ROI of Customer Experience

In this Guide to ROI of Customer Experience you will find: guidelines on how to understand the business value and ROI (Return On Investment) of customer experience new ideas on how to adjust the familiar concepts to your company a pdf workbook with simple instructions to understanding and calculating the ROI and business value of customer experience in your company an excel that […]

Guide to Net Promoter Score

With our guide to Net Promoter Score you can master NPS and Customer Experience. This guide will help you to: Understand the fundamentals of NPS Increase NPS survey responses Avoid common NPS mistakes Use Net Promoter Score benchmarks across different industries See how a real company has doubled their NPS score in 6 months

Guide to B2B Customer Experience Essentials

Did you know that at least 80% of B2B buyers expect the same buying experience as B2C customers? Our guide to B2B Customer Experience essentials helps you to prepare your business to succeed in the changing conditions and satisfy the growing need of your customers.

Guide to Customer Experience Management

By establishing a systematic process for collecting, analyzing and acting on the customer feedback, you’ll be able to start taking the customer experience in control. This will enable you to reduce churn and increase your revenue. Our guide to customer experience management helps you in establishing a systematic approach to managing customer experience.