Turn Customer Feedback from Zendesk into Actionable Insights with AI

Analyze customer conversation and tickets from Zendesk to reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction with Lumoa Insights Analytics

Analyze NPS or CSAT feedback

  • Use Lumoa’s Plug & Play Zendesk integration to analyze surveys and conversations from Zendesk automatically.
  • Find out what are the topics that drive your CX metric up or down and by how much with AI-powered text analytics.
  • Create automated rules and events based on feedback to close the loop with your customers.
  • Automatically pull back important customer insights to Zendesk.

Understand customer feelings with AI-powered insight analytics

  • Understand the sentiment of your customer conversations to know what their feelings are along the customer journey. Analyze any type of conversation, such as chat, emails, phone calls, tickets, or Social Media.
  • Automatic tagging of conversations allows you to have a more systematic approach to identifying important topics.
  • Analyze conversations in over 60+ languages.


“The most valuable thing is the sentiment attribution, and the value that is related to the topics -it’s by far the most valuable thing! Because with that, you can then prioritize the actions you got from the insights.”

Identify root causes of issues and compare agent performance

  • Identify and solve root cause issues that are frequently mentioned in conversations.
  • Discover real-time insights that allow you to resolve support tickets faster. Identify and follow up on customers that are at risk to churn.
  • Compare the performance of agents or teams to create best practices and identify needs for additional training and support.

Simple Finance

“Achieved a 90% decrease in resolution time, from 60hrs to 5hrs, that led to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction by introducing a new case routing based on insights from Lumoa.”

Break down silos and empower employees to act on customer insights

  • Share customer insights easily across the organization and let everyone have access to insights so they can act on feedback that is relevant for them.
  • Have an easy way to track and measure how your customer support performance impacts your customer satisfaction metrics and KPIs.

Telia Company

“We are no longer limited to one team curating customer insights. Now everyone has an easy-to-use tool to see and act on CX data. This is the great part about Lumoa – we can measure and track the improvement on the actions we make.”

See How Lumoa Works

Watch how to uncover hidden insights from customer feedback.

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