New Partnership: Lumoa in joint partnership with CX Unraveled
8 Dec 2022

When making strategic decisions for your business, listening to the voice of your customers gives you more insights into their expectations, wants, and needs. It’s also the same value we wish to convey to every business we work with. And we are proud to say that when we find one, it usually starts with a simple value we both share: customer-centricity.

We are pleased to welcome CX Unraveled as Lumoa’s new partner. By combining these companies’ consultancy and feedback analytics solutions, this partnership will be a powerhouse for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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“We have had a great synergy with CX Unraveled from the beginning, and this new partnership simply show how committed we are to enabling companies to become truly customer-centric. We are very pleased and excited about this.” – Carlos Del Corral, CEO and co-founder at Lumoa

CX Unraveled was founded in 2021 by 2 passionate experts in the field, Thirza Schaap and Peter Verheijde. They both have extensive knowledge and experience in all CX competencies: from identifying key customer insights and setting a CX strategy to creating new customer experiences and a truly customer-centric culture. Additionally, both worked as Directors in Customer Experience within KLM before, and have high knowledge in the airline sector. In the last years, they have applied their CX skills to many other industries for both government and commercial companies, ranging from SMEs to global corporates.

“Customer understanding is always at the core of what we do, as well as what we advise our own clients. What triggered us to choose Lumoa was its ability to easily process, analyze, and show us customer insights. I think your solutions will definitely complement all of the discussions I’m having with our customers when we make recommendations.” – Peter.

About Lumoa:

Most companies today track a number to assess how happy their customers are. NPS, CSAT, online ratings. What they miss is a way to tell what actions will move the number up or down. To do that, they would have to organize feedback from all sources; sift through thousands of rows; categorize that; find insights; map trends, and report. It’s too much.

Lumoa makes this easy. It looks at any customer interaction, automates the analysis, and highlights the items with the biggest impact. The companies we work with not only see a spike in the numbers they track, but they always know what to do next to continue growing their business.

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About CX Unraveled

We want to be a bit different from the others. We believe you will only learn how to truly create better experiences if we empower you to do it yourself, by transferring our knowledge and expertise. It’s important for us that you can translate what you learn from us to your own context and we take extra steps, like individual coaching sessions after each masterclass, to ensure you actually do that. And it makes us incredibly proud when you succeed and help us fulfill our vision: creating better experiences in this world!

For more information contact:

Peter Verheijde

CX Unraveled Co-founder

[email protected]