Product News – February 2022
17 Feb 2022

Lumoa Product News for February 2022

New guide available for our Zendesk integration

Admins now have the ability to Integrate directly with their Zendesk account through our new Integrations Page! With this integration you will:

  • Pull over CSAT responses that your Zendesk agents receive
  • Analyze the comments in Lumoa using AI
  • Gain insights into common reasons for poor feedback

 Please read this guide on our new Integrations Hub to get started, and reply to this email with other integrations you want to see next!

Insights widget has been updated!

Our Insights widget has been updated to now have simpler options. Two Insights now exist – Insights by Volume and Trending Insights.

  • Insights by Volume tells you the most common words and phrases in your data, and whether those phrases are positive or negative
  • Trending Insights shows you any words or phrases that deviate from a trend, such as a sudden drop in scores associated with a phrase

You can read more about using the Insights in our article around Insights. Let us know how these are helpful to you, and what other kinds of Insights that you would want to see!

Better error detection with Excel uploads!

For some time now, customers have been able to:

We are now happy to say that we have added new error messaging and detection when uploading Excel data. This should make the process smoother as you’ll know exactly why your Excel might be having issues.

Wondering what previous releases we have had?

Check out Product news page to stay up to date with Lumoa!

Loving all of these new features? Wish we were developing something else? Reply to this post with your thoughts!