Product News – March 2022
17 Mar 2022

Lumoa Product News for March 2022

Lumoa Surveys through the UI just got a lot better!

  • New Preview gives you a real time view in to your survey
  • Available in any language
  • Complete Feedback Lifecycle – Make the survey, send it to your customers, analyze the results all in Lumoa!

We have lots more planned for our SurveyHub in Lumoa, such as SMS, In Website surveys, and more!

image - Lumoa

SSO stands for Single Sign On. With it, your employees can access Lumoa without being invited, and without needing a password. SSO allows you to:

  • Let your Users have one account across all systems
  • Quick and hassle-free sign in
  • Still configure what people can see and do within Lumoa

Feel free to check out the guide, but we recommend that you contact your Customer Success manager or email [email protected] to get an overview of the whole process.

Cards are your way to view the data in Lumoa at a glance. We made an article better detailing the types of cards we offer, and how to use them:

  • Cards – Good for single touchpoints, such as a single Agent, with quick views on issues
  • List Cards – Used for lots of values, such as if you are tracking ALL agents, and want to see how they compare

Check out the guide on making cards and let us know if there are other guides on features you want by replying to this post!

Lumoa renewed its ISO 9001 Certification!

Lumoa passed its recent ISO 9001 audit. Essentially, that means we:

  • Handle your data securely and safely
  • Have industry best practices for bugs, issues, and development

Feel free to read more about the ISO certification, and what means, through this link.

Wondering what previous releases we have had?

Check out Product news page to stay up to date with Lumoa!

Loving all of these new features? Wish we were developing something else? Reply to this post with your thoughts!