Product News – April 2022
17 Apr 2022

Lumoa Product News for April 2022

MASSIVE update to the Integrations hub – one click integrations with your favourite apps!

Lumoa can now pull your web data through an API, with no fees to setup, and it takes just a few minutes!

  • Pull reviews from popular places like Facebook, Zendesk, Trustpilot, Amazon, and more!
  • Not just history – integrations will pull future data the day after it comes in!
  • No code required!

Check out all the integrations below, or Admins can use this link to visit the Survey Hub directly and get started pulling in new data!

Picture1 - Lumoa

Pull over Competitors data!

Following off of the massive update to the Integrations Hub, we wanted to point out that all of the above integrations target public facing reviews. This means that if your competitors have an app in the App Store, you can put their reviews in Lumoa!

  • Pull competitor data – View where your competitors are struggling
  • Deep Insights in real time – Use Lumoa AI to get Insights on their data and get a competitive advantage
  • Own the Market – Create Marketable moments about how your business offers solutions to competitors problems

Step by Step guide on Integrating with ANY of the apps above

Do you have an app on the App store, or are you asking for feedback after closing a Zendesk ticket, maybe something else entirely? Get those reviews into Lumoa with our step by step guides, and start analyzing the open text today:

The process for getting the data set up is very straight forward, but we wanted to get some guides out their anyway so that the process is as easy as can be!

Recent webinars!

We had two fabulous webinars recently that showcased the basics of Lumoa, if you were looking for a refresher: