Product News – November 2022
3 Mar 2023

Lumoa Product News for November 2022

Conversational Analytics now ignores “junk”

Did you know you can put entire conversations into Lumoa, such as those that happen in support emails, chat threads, or phone calls? Then, Lumoa can analyze that conversation to give you key highlights:

  • Deep issue analysis – Lumoa can tell you what the most common issue is among all conversations
  • Advanced AI – Lumoa will ignore non relevant parts of the conversation, such as “hello, how are you today”
  • ANY Conversation – Lumoa will transcribe audio calls into text, allowing you to get analysis like never before

To learn more about how Conversational Analytics, you can contact your CS manager or watch one of our founders, Suvi, go over how it all works in this incredible webinar!

If you’re more of a reader though, we also have this text guide that you can check out, which covers the above info in more detail.

Events marked “Done” now highlighted on Impact page!

For a while now, Lumoa has offered a way to close the loop with your customers by using the Events page. This lets you make note of specific feedback, track who is taking actions on it, and get alerted if important feedback comes in.

With this change, we hope to its easier for you to:

  • Identify the customer voice that hasn’t been heard
  • Collaborate with teammates to take action on feedback
  • Organize your feedback so that you see what matters
image - Lumoa

New Microsoft and Google Login

Moving forward, new users to Lumoa have the option of creating an account using their existing Microsoft or Google accounts, instead of creating one just for Lumoa.

  • New signup methods will function alongside SSO
  • Allows you to use one account for all services

If you would like your existing account to instead be an account based on your Microsoft or Google credentials, please contact [email protected] and we can migrate your old account to a new one.

New guides in the Knowledge base to level up your Lumoa experience

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users:

New Guides:

Updates to existing guides:

Upcoming webinars!

We recently had a webinar hosted by That Cool Man Garen, where he covers the Lumoa Integrations Hub and how it can be used to pull over your own data, your competitors data, and own the market! Check it out now!

Otherwise, there will be no major webinar for December, with it being the holiday season. Look for a webinar in Q1 2023 covering the Conversational Analytics, as mentioned above.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!