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Although Parques Reunidos is one organization, running 60 parks makes it for a very complex organizational structure: all parks have the same overall goals and objectives, in line with the overarching mission and values; however, they also have individual requirements, branding, and processes that are specific to each one location. It’s more like running 60 individual businesses under one umbrella.

Gerardo Laino is Head of Customer Experience for Parques Reunidos. With over ten years of experience working in customer experience, Gerardo’s background comes from the data-heavy insurance world, where it is essential to recall and analyze the minor details about dozens of client accounts.

At Parques Reunidos, the customer experience team oversees the improvement of the customer experience for the organization as a whole, at the same time ensuring that processes are in place for continuity and efficiency.

With hundreds of thousands of customers passing the gates of Parques Reunidos parks each year, the task of overseeing and scrutinizing this volume of data is immense. Information is gathered from each of the locations, in multiple languages, from various sources.

A highly efficient data processing and data analysis tool is necessary to utilize this data.