Grow with Customer Feedback Analytics

With customer feedback analytics you understand why your KPIs go up or down. See what matters to different customer segments and take actions that immediately impact NPS, CSat, CES, or any other metric you track.

AI-Powered Customer Feedback Analytics

Surveys, Calls, Online Reviews: All Customer Feedback in One Place

Tap into Lumoa's customer feedback analytics, the tool for gathering and analyzing feedback from every part of your business. Create your own surveys, pull in responses from third party survey tools, and collect customer feedback from places like online reviews, web forms, support chats, emails, and even phone calls. One single place to access the Voice of your Customers.

Navigating the Ups and Downs to Understand Your Customer Feedback Scores

Dive into the specifics of your NPS, CSAT, CES scores, star ratings, or other key performance indicators with Lumoa's customer feedback analytics. Discover the reasons behind the rise or fall of these scores and gauge how big of an impact they are having. Imagine knowing that the issue with your check-out process is driving your NPS score down by 4 points. With Lumoa, you can.

Your Business, Your Topics: Customizing Feedback Analytics

Lumoa’s customer feedback analytics is flexible, and you can customise the analysis to suit your business. We call this “hybrid AI”, because it allows your staff to refine topics to capture unique keywords and key phrases specific to your business. That means the customer feedback analysis is always meaningful and you can act on insights without having to guess what they mean.

Segment the Analysis to See Exactly What You Need

The same action can have very different impact on different customers. And with Lumoa's customer feedback analytics you can delve into specific customer segments and truly understand their experiences. Whether it's based on their purchase history, geographical location, or life-time value, Lumoa's filters let you slice and dice your customer feedback as needed. There's no limit to how you can segment your analysis, enabling you to uncover insights and tailor actions to each customer group.

Lumoa and GPT for even better Customer Feedback Analytics

Lumoa is the first platform to integrate the power of GPT and combine it with its own proprietary Hybrid AI. We harness GPT's capabilities to provide easy-to-read summaries of what a given customer segment is saying about a specific topic. But that's not all. Lumoa also uses GPT to analyze long conversations, like phone calls, emails, and chats. In a matter of seconds, you get the reason for contact, the root cause, agent recommendations, and other valuable information, such as the customer's sentiment before and after the interaction.

Create Actions for the Right Colleague and Automate Reports and Alerts

With Lumoa's customer feedback analytics tool you can create events, assign responsibilities, and set up automatic workflows and alerts so that the right colleague can always be on top of what your customers are saying. Lumoa ensures that each piece of feedback receives due attention and action, so that you close the loop and use customer feedback for positive change.

Track Progresses and Share With No Effort

Monitor the progress of improvements and their impact on your key metrics. What's more, sharing the outcomes of your survey campaigns with stakeholders is a breeze. Keep stakeholders and management in the loop about the current status of customer experience, and facilitate swift and informed decision-making. Lumoa brings transparency, sharing, and effectiveness to your feedback journey.

Lumoa is secure

We ensure your data is safe with our customer feedback analytics platform

GDPR Compliant

We are GDPR compliant and our customer feedback analytics platform has been thoroughly tested by top rated security companies.

That is why customers in industries with the most demanding security and privacy constrains such as finance or healthcare trust us with their data.

ISO certified

Lumoa is certified under both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Our processes and services are secure and quality assured by the highest standard.

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