CEO Buy-Ins and How You can Effectively Sell CX in Your Organization

Have you ever felt like you're just one step away from really nailing customer experience (CX), but something's missing? It's like having all the right ingredients but not quite the recipe. That missing piece? CEO buy-in. Learn a thing or two when it comes to CEO buy-ins and their significance to a better customer experience (CX).

Carlos, together with Olga Potaptseva, and Ian Golding will talk about:

  •  The Value of CX: Why CEOs need to champion customer experience and how it can redefine business success.
  •  Effective Communication: Mastering the art of pitching CX strategies to the C-suite.
  •  Embedding CX Value: Integrating customer experience in every facet of your organization
  •  Starting from Scratch: Identifying quick wins and impactful, low-cost CX initiatives.
  •  ROI of CX: Demonstrating clear, measurable returns and case studies that speak volumes.

About the Speakers

Olga Potaptseva – Olga Potaptseva is a Founder of CXPanda and a Top 15 global CX consultant. She’s spent 15 years in leadership and, as a judge, consultant, and thought leader, noticed companies prioritize CX education and alignment over operationalizing CX, fueling her mission to shift that perspective. She works with organizations worldwide to enable customer-informed operating models that benefit the customers, the employees, and the bottom line.

Ian Golding – Ian is a highly influential freelance Customer Experience consultant, who advises leading companies on Customer Experience strategy, measurement, improvement, and employee advocacy techniques and solutions. Worked across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, telecoms, and pharmaceuticals, and has deployed Customer Experience tools and methodologies all over the world.

Carlos del Corral – Carlos has been Director of Mobile Insights and Innovation both at Nokia and Microsoft, driving action thanks to the feedback of millions of customers. He is now Co-founder and CEO of Lumoa, a solution that looks at any type of customer feedback to tell companies what to do next to grow their business.