The State of AI in Customer Experience

Unlock the secrets of leveraging AI to enhance customer experience. Watch our webinar replay to gain actionable insights and real-world strategies from leading CX professionals.

During the webinar, Carlos will cover:

  •  Overview of AI in CX: We’ll start with the current applications and look into future trends that are shaping AI in customer experience.
  •  Impact: How AI improves service efficiency, personalization, and overall customer satisfaction.
  •  Readiness for AI Adoption: We’ll assess and show how ready organizations are to implement AI and the ROI it brings to the CX sphere.
  •  Ethical AI Use: We’ll also talk about the ethical aspects of AI deployment, including data privacy and maintaining customer trust.
  •  Practical AI Insights: Lastly, we share actionable insights and advice on how to effectively incorporate AI into your CX strategies.

About the Speaker

Carlos del Corral – CPO/CMO of Netigate featuring Lumoa, Carlos with his years of expertise, has been the Director of Mobile Insights and Innovation both at Nokia and Microsoft, driving action thanks to the feedback of millions of customers.