Transforming Customer Experience in Retail: From Insights to Actionable Metrics and Back

Curious about transforming customer feedback into your next big win? Join CX experts as they go deep into the secrets of CX in the retail world. From gaining executive buy-in to turning insights into action, this session is packed with real-world strategies.

Carlos, together with Anne, Manuela, and Matthieu will talk about:

  • Engaging the C-Suite and Board in CX Initiatives: Strategies for getting buy-in from top-level executives and ensuring they understand the value of CX
  • Exploring effective strategies for Converting Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights and vice versa
  • Complexities and nuances of CX within the retail sector
  • How a strong brand can influence customer perceptions and expectations, and the challenges of maintaining a consistent experience across all touchpoints

About the Speakers

Anne Thorstvedt Sjoberg – Anne has worked for more than 20 years in international leadership roles in Marketing & Sales at top-tier consumer goods companies including Procter & Gamble, Electrolux, Kraft Foods & Mondelez International. She has held strategy, functional, global, regional, and local roles, and has been closely involved in identifying commercial growth and driving organizational change with a focus on customer & shopper insights and customer experiences, data, analytics, and digital transformation.

Manuela Pifani – Manuela Pifani is an exec-level CX consultant, NED, and thought leader who founded CXellence Consulting to help organizations set the customer strategy and co-design needs-based intentional customer experiences to increase loyalty and profitability. Previously, she spent 15+ years as CX Director for retail and financial services organizations across the UK and Europe, including ASDA, Kingfisher, Direct Line Group, RBS/Natwest, and Barclays. She has won 20+ prestigious awards, including the Global CX Leaders Insight Award 2022.

Matthieu Bonnelli – Matthieu is the Founder and CEO of CXMania. He has dedicated his entire career to Customer Experience Management and specialized in e-commerce. He has worked with companies like Zalando, Casper, and Café Royal. His mission is to help leaders make decisions with confidence, thanks to his approach that combines customer-centricity with a data-driven methodology.

Carlos del Corral – Carlos has been Director of Mobile Insights and Innovation both at Nokia and Microsoft, driving action thanks to the feedback of millions of customers. He is now Co-founder and CEO of Lumoa, a solution that looks at any type of customer feedback to tell companies what to do next to grow their business.