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CX in Marketing: How to Amplify ROI by 100X Through Customer Feedback Ever felt stuck on how to use customer feedback in your marketing? Well then check this one out. Join Suvi Lindfors and Dr. Ghizlane Arifine as they share cool tips on blending marketing with customer experience and enhance your ROI. Curious? Watch the replay and see for yourself!
How to Analyse Support Conversations at Scale: GPT + Lumoa CX Platform in Action You know how painful it is to try and analyse conversations at scale for a support centre! Why are people calling? How does the interaction with our agents impact how customers feel? What can we do to reduce the number of conversations?
Exploring B2B CX: Trends, Decision-Making Strategies, and Value Proposition Curious about the ins and outs of B2B customer experience? Check out this webinar that talks about the latest trends and get the lowdown on decision-making strategies. We'll also guide you through mastering that customer journey.