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Customer Support and the C-Suite: the good, the bad, and the ugly of a complex relationship Consider the relationship between Customer Support teams and upper management in the C-Suite. Does it remind you of a Nancy Meyers rom-com, or does it seem more like a Shakespearean drama? In this webinar, Nate Brown delves into the complexities of this relationship and offers several key tips for making it successful. Don't miss out – watch the replay now!
The Role of Customer Support in CX: Leverage Customer Insights, Customer Journeys and more Curious about transforming your Customer Support into a CX powerhouse? Explore the crucial role of Customer Support in CX with experts Suvi Lindfors and Tue Søttrup. From solving resource constraints and manual tagging to leveraging GPT in customer interactions. Start unlocking strategies to enhance customer journeys and make your insights actionable. Watch the replay now!
Customer Support: Using insights to hear your customers, engage your employees and improve your profits Learn how to utilize customer insights in customer support with Richard Jeffreys, CX expert and founder of CX All.