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Here is what’s wrong with how customer feedback is processed today

Only looking at numbers

Most companies are limited to tracking a number – NPS, CSat, Online Ratings, Sentiment Score, etc. But:

  • When the number is down, what do you do to move it up?
  • Numbers don’t tell the story of the customers who have problems and still leave a positive score

Slow and manual process

Most solutions make it so only a few people have access. They spend days reading hundreds of rows of feedback and preparing reports. But:

  • It’s a lengthy process, and actions come after weeks.
  • It’s an on-demand service, rather than a strategic focus.

How it works

See all feedback

Surveys, phone calls, chat conversations, online reviews – literally, any feedback – in one place.

See what customers say at different stages of their journey, compare different products or shops or service lines.

Learn about impact

Real-time analysis gives you specific insights that impact your key metrics and are relevant to your business, so you can immediately act on them.

No generic information on sentiment, or broad categories you will have to figure out on your own.

Take action

Invite as many colleagues as you want, at no additional cost, so they can access real-time reporting.

Become the champion of customer-centricity in your organisation.

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Lumoa works with any tool you are using for your customer experience initiatives

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