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With insights you can see exactly what customers are saying that is affecting their experience.

What are Lumoa insights? Spot the difference.

Most-tool’s insights

Customers want cheaper products.

Lumoa insights

We know that customers in segment A are more susceptible to price, while customers in segment B rarely mention price.

Most-tool’s insights

Last month our NPS score dropped by 5 points.

Lumoa insights

We know that last month our NPS score dropped by 5 points because in our shops in central Europe there was a shortage of Product A.

Most-tool’s insights

Customers are churning.

Lumoa insights

We know that in our VIP customers segment, 2 out of 3 people who experience an issue after an update will likely churn.

Lumoa insights in action

Trending insights

In Lumoa, you can see both Insights by Volume – how many times a given word or phrase pops-up in your feedback, and Trending Insights – specific mentions that break the norm.

For example, if you normally get 100 feedback a week with the word “error”, and this week you got 800, Trending Insights will highlight that.

Filter insights

This is where the magic happens. See what segment of your customers is talking about what.

Is it highest paying customers? Is it customers from a specific geo? Is it customers using a given device?

Filter insights will point your attention in the right direction.

Close the loop

From any insight, you can create an action that you can assign to anyone of your colleagues. At no additional cost.

Follow the progress in the Events page and make sure to let the customer know when your team has closed the loop.

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