Not just another tool

Lumoa brings the pieces of your CX tech stack together.
Netigate Create any type of survey with Netigate and analyse the results with Lumoa. The leading European Solution for experience management. Surveys
Qualtrics Use Lumoa with Qualtrics, and automatically send survey responses to Lumoa. You can also send back enriched data to Qualtrics. Surveys
Questback Integrate Questback with Lumoa to analyse all your survey responses automatically when you get new ones. Surveys
Surveyhero Send your Surveyhero responses to Lumoa and find emerging topics and trends from your customer feedback. Surveys
SurveyMonkey Use SurveyMonkey to send your surveys and then send the responses to Lumoa for analysis. Surveys
SurveyPal Connect SurveyPal with Lumoa to send your survey responses for analysis in Lumoa. Get customer insights in real-time. Surveys
Survicate Send your Survicate survey responses to Lumoa and find important insights from your customer feedback. Surveys
Usabilla Integrate Usabilla with Lumoa and send survey responses to Lumoa to find hidden insights from your customer feedback. Surveys
Dixa Connect Dixa with Lumoa to turn your customer conversations and feedback into insights, and to optimize your performance. Helpdesks
Freshdesk Sync your Freshdesk contacts with insights found in Lumoa to improve customer engagement. Create automations and ticketing routes based on the customer feedback. Helpdesks
Genesys Connect Genesys with Lumoa to boost your communications with your customers. Analyze customer calls with Lumoa and find out what drives your customers. Helpdesks
Help Scout Make your customer service more efficient by integrating Help Scout with Lumoa. Optimize agent performance and find insights from tickets, chat messages, and emails. Helpdesks
Intercom Integrate Intercom with Lumoa to optimize your conversational experience. Make better self-serve options and have a more personalized support. Helpdesks
Puzzel Connect Puzzel with Lumoa to turn conversations, feedback and reviews into insights and optimize agent performance. Helpdesks
ServiceNow Optimize your customer and employee workflows by integrating ServiceNow with Lumoa. Understand what their needs are and create personalized workflows. Helpdesks
Zendesk Create a smooth support experience with Lumoa’s Plug&Play integration for Zendesk. Improve your ticket routing based on new insights found with Lumoa. Helpdesks
Hubspot Create personalized marketing automations and sales processes based on customer insights by integrating Hubspot with Lumoa. CRM
Microsoft Dynamics The Microsoft Dynamics integration with Lumoa allows you to connect all your customer insights with the customer data in Microsoft Dynamics. CRM
Salesforce Combine customer insights with customer data in Salesforce and create advanced workflows triggered by certain types of feedback. CRM
Giosg Analyze chat and chatbot conversations by integrating Giosg with Lumoa and find out what are the most important issues your support has to manage. Email and chat
Gmail Integrate Gmail with Lumoa to get a full overview of your email conversations. Find out what are the main topics and unlock other important insights. Email and chat
Outlook Connect Microsoft Outlook to Lumoa and find important insights from email conversations with your clients. Email and chat
SnapEngage Integrate SnapEngage with Lumoa to analyze chat conversations. Create new or improved chatbots based on the insights from your chat interactions. Email and chat
WhatsApp Analyze and find insights from WhatsApp messages with your customers by integrating WhatsApp with Lumoa. Email and chat
Excel Send data from Excel to Lumoa, and back, thanks to the integration between Lumoa and Microsoft Excel. Data and reporting
Power BI Send the insights created by Lumoa to Microsoft PowerBI, and make customer insights part of your overall reporting dashboards. Data and reporting
Qlik Send the insights created by Lumoa to Qlik, and make customer insights part of your overall reporting dashboards. Data and reporting
Amazon Pull Amazon Store reviews into Lumoa and find new insights in what customers say about your products. Reviews
App Store Integrate your App Store reviews with Lumoa and find out what are the most important bugs and issues you should improve next. Reviews Integrate Lumoa with your account and let Lumoa analyze the reviews for you. Reviews
Google Play Discover new insights from your customer feedback in Google Play and use them to improve your service or product. Reviews
Trustpilot Automatically send your Trustpilot reviews to Lumoa in real-time. By integrating Trustpilot with Lumoa you can also get insights on competitor brands. Reviews
Facebook Connect your Facebook account to Lumoa and find insights in comments to posts and messages in Facebook Messenger. Social media
Instagram Integrate your Instagram account with Lumoa to see what your followers on Instagram say about you. Social media
Twitter Automatically send Twitter comments by integrating your Twitter account with Lumoa. Social media

Why integrate Lumoa with other CX tools?

All surveys in one place

Different departments do different surveys. With Lumoa, you bring them all in one dashboard for full visibility and analysis. Always know what to do next to retain your customers.

Automate CX flows

When customers leave feedback in any channel, you can automatically trigger actions in your CRM. This saves time and money, and gives a timely reassurance that things are taken care of.

Monitor public reviews

Your reputation is often as good as the number of stars you get on e-stores and reviews sites. See how to get higher ratings, and monitor your competitors to win in the market.

Security and Policies

Protecting your data is our obsession​

GDPR Compliant

We are GDPR compliant and our platform has been thoroughly tested by top rated security companies. That is why customers in industries with the most demanding security and privacy constrains such as finance or healthcare trust us with their data.

The secure choice

We want to ensure that our processes and services are secure and quality assured by the highest standards. Therefore Lumoa is fully certified under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

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