Call & voice analytics

Find important insights
from speech and calls

Turn calls into actions

Don’t waste time listening to individual calls – let Lumoa’s next-generation customer insights platform generate the insights from the calls. By analyzing every call, you get a unified view of the current situation that will help you improve the overall customer care performance. 

Understand why customers are calling 

With automated call transcriptions and automatic detection of trending topics, sentiments and insights allow you to analyze calls at scale. Separate analytics for caller and agent lets you understand what each part is saying and allows you to understand the reasons why your customers are calling.

Link your calls to your customer experience metrics 

Tie the insights and the call performance to KPIs such as CES or NPS and make call performance easily comparable to other customer support operations or compare the performance to the overall customer experience.

Create automated triggers 

Easily follow-up on calls and close the loop with your customers by triggering automated events directly in Lumoa. Make your work easier by automating routine tasks that you otherwise would spend time on. Create events that trigger workflows in your CRM when a specific issue has been detected and ensure that it’s followed upon.

Understand feelings and emotions

Lumoa’s sentiment analysis lets you deep-dive into the text and identify the emotions of your customers, whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. Get a full overview of the emotions your customers feel per topic, subtopic, or keyword and understand what are the things that make your customers happy or unhappy.

Coaching and training

Recognize the best and worst performing agents to identify knowledge gaps and ensure that your agents get sufficient support and coaching. Create best practices based on the insights to ensure consistent service quality across the whole team.

Security and Policies

Protecting your data is our obsession​

GDPR Compliant

We are GDPR compliant and our platform has been thoroughly tested by top rated security companies. That is why customers in industries with the most demanding security and privacy constrains such as finance or healthcare trust us with their data.

The secure choice

We want to ensure that our processes and services are secure and quality assured by the highest standards. Therefore Lumoa is fully certified under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

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