Quickly spot the reason why customers get in touch

In minutes, Lumoa analyzes thousands of calls, emails, or chat conversations and points you to what matters most. Lumoa and GPT work together to give you control on customer conversations.

Get a customised overview of your support conversations

See what is going on in your support conversations at a glance. Pick the things you want to track and get an overview that is easy to read and adapts to the needs of your organisation. You can also check how things evolve over a period of time, and make the case for a great support team!

See what calls, emails, and chats are about

Instead of reading through hundreds of rows or listening to tens of recordings, let Lumoa find out what your customers talk about in calls, emails, and chats. Quickly see what are the most frequent reasons they get in touch and where to focus to reduce the volume of conversations.

Get to the bottom of the matter

Lumoa insights stop the guesswork and tell you what segments talk about a topic and what words they most frequently use. Spot the root cause of the most relevant issues so you can effectively take action.

Clear any doubts by looking at the actual exchange

You can analyse calls, emails, and chats from multiple sources and you can still see in Lumoa the actual conversation to clear any doubts, or to see how the agent handled that.

Set up alerts for the right person

In Lumoa, you can set up automated alerts for the right person in your organisation. You can also trigger workflows in your CRM when a specific issue has been detected. And you can assign a specific piece of feedback to a colleague so that they can close the loop with the customer.

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