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Let’s combine forces to help clients in their journey towards truly customer centric organizations! Join our growing network of consulting, design, technology and system integrator partners to together deliver even more value to customers with the help of Lumoa’s AI-powered insight engine.

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Why use Lumoa?

Bring all voice of customer in one view – for everyone

Lumoa brings all voice of customer into one view so it’s easy to prioritize the right improvement areas.

Eliminate manual work in creating insights

Lumoa’s proprietary AI engine that includes both topic modelling and sentiment analysis, turns any open text into actionable insights. Accross 60+ languages.

Take action based on prioritised topics

Lumoa’s events view and smart notifications make sure you and your clients stay upto date on critical insights and can automatically assign tasks to right people.

Collect feedback with Lumoa or partner surveys

Make collecting feedback easy with Lumoa’s surveying solution. Or use any of our partner solutions optimized for different touchpoints.

Understand rootcauses and improve KPIs

Lumoa tells you what topics are impacting each KPI and by how much. And helps you identify rootcauses and improve.

Lumoa is also easy to integrate to other solutions and business processes.

Why Partner with Lumoa?

Use Lumoa for free* If you have potential Lumoa customers as customers you can use Lumoa for free internally. (with certain limitations)
Earn commissions Earn commissions for each new customer you bring to Lumoa.
Sell more & longer projects With Lumoa you get a holistic understanding of the improvement areas your customers have and can systemically help them developing their customer focused KPIs.
Partner tools Lumoa offers special tools for partners to allow them to create accounts, act as admin users for their customers and more.
Trainings & support We offer regular trainings, extensive knowledge base, named partner success manager and email support.
More customers and visibility Besides listing our partners in our partner directory, we also promote our partnerships to our customers and prospects e.g. through our newsletters, social media, blog, and webinars.

Who are our typical partners?

These are just some examples of the type of companies we partner with to together help our customers to become more customer centric.
MarketResearch & Surveys Our market research partners utilize our powerful AI-powered text analytics to find important and actionable insights from open ended questions in surveys, brand research and social media.
CX Agencies & Consultants Our consulting & service design partners help their clients in transformations towards customer-centric organization, and use Lumoa as the platform to support the transformation.
Solution providers & IT Our solution provider partners help their customers in linking Lumoa’s analytics and insight management into their business infrastructure and processes to get better insights and make more informed decisions.

Some of our partners

Here are some partners that we are collaborating with

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