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Our story

Lumoa was established to solve the challenges that our founders; Carlos, Johanna and Suvi, faced while working with executives in some of the most successful and technologically advanced companies in the world, such as Microsoft and Nokia.

To stay relevant, executives need to carefully consider customer input and insights before making strategic business decisions. For example, when launching a new product, outsourcing customer service, or evaluating the performance of business units, customers need to be constantly heard and options weighted against business impact.

Despite managing teams of experts and multi-million dollar budgets Carlos, Johanna and Suvi often found themselves drowning in complexity. In the worst cases insights would come too late after expensive research projects, and would be delivered as a 1-hour long PowerPoint presentation that was quickly forgotten as attention moved to the next topic.

This is why Lumoa was created: it is the tool our founders would have needed to process the tens and hundreds of thousands of daily customer responses they received every single day from all over the world.

Lumoa speaks my language. It’s clear they have experienced my problems and understand what I need. They weren’t like consultants that just wanted to sell you a solution and then leave you with it, without any support

Maarit Kivinen, Customer Insights Director Outotec

Turning data into action is the challenge

Collecting customer feedback is not a problem. It is easier than ever to send surveys and track customers’ behaviour. The challenge lies in turning customer data into actions that have a concrete business impact.

That is what Lumoa does: it makes customer feedback actionable.
To achieve this, there are three principles that we follow in everything that we do:

Focus on impact:

We link customer data to business impact to drive your business forward. Lumoa helps you to innovate, improve and make the necessary trade-offs when making difficult strategic decisions.

Relevant for you:

Lumoa adapts to your context and industry to ensure that what you see makes sense to you straight away.

Make the complex simple:

Everybody in the organization should be able to understand customers and make decisions based on customer data irrespective of their technical or analytical skills.

We love technology and data science but we hide all the complexity so you can just focus on driving your business forward.

This is a lifelong journey and we are excited and confident that we can solve the challenges that organizations face thanks to our experience and the great team we have built here at Lumoa.

We have already taken great strides towards a solution and our global customer base is a living testimony of this. We are fully committed to making your customer feedback actionable following our principles of focusing on impact, being relevant for you and making the complex simple.

We would love you to join us on this journey!