Text analytics

Turn customers words
into actions

Turn text into insights

You can find customer feedback almost everywhere. The only problem is that much of it comes in written form that is tricky to analyze and hard to manually analyze at scale. Lumoa’s text analytics solution lets you automatically analyze unstructured text feedback at scale in over 60+ different languages.

Understand any text

Surveys are not the only source for customer feedback. Customer feedback is constantly shared in channels, such as social media, chats, emails, review sites, and calls, etc. With Lumoa, you can analyze any type of text from any type of source.

Next generation intelligence

What makes us different is that Lumoa combines the benefits of AI and human intelligence to analyze text to find actionable insights and get more accurate results. AI makes it possible to automate and scale analysis of text which eliminates manual work and enables results in real-time. Having a human in the loop makes it possible to align organizational and strategic initiatives with feedback.

Automatically identify topics and extract insights

Identify topics and themes from text and understand what your customers are talking about. Say goodbye to manual training and tagging of text Lumoa automatically categorizes the text and identifies the topics for you. Extract actionable insights that give you an instant understanding of what to improve.

Understand feelings and emotions

Lumoa’s sentiment analysis lets you deep-dive into the text and identify the emotions of your customers, whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. Get a full overview of the emotions your customers feel per topic, subtopic, or keyword and understand what are the things that make your customers happy or unhappy.

Get your priorities right

Understand the impact each topic has on the overall customer experience. Lumoa will show you exactly what and with how much each topic drives your customer experience up and down, which makes it easy to prioritize the next initiatives you should be working on.

Security and Policies

Protecting your data is our obsession​

GDPR Compliant

We are GDPR compliant and our platform has been thoroughly tested by top rated security companies. That is why customers in industries with the most demanding security and privacy constrains such as finance or healthcare trust us with their data.

The secure choice

We want to ensure that our processes and services are secure and quality assured by the highest standards. Therefore Lumoa is fully certified under ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

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