The State of the Shopping Apps Report for 2022


Last updated on August 25, 2022

Online shopping has become the norm across a wide range of industries and this practice is still on the rise. Retailers need to assess all of the potential variables impacting the performance of their shopping apps to be successful and customer reviews allow them to collect feedback directly from the source. 

According to our State of the Shopping Apps Report for 2022, technical variables have a huge impact on customer satisfaction levels – but the list of factors that users take into account doesn’t stop there. 

Our State of the Shopping Apps Report for 2022 breaks down the customer satisfaction performance of the top shopping apps in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. In addition to the overall performance analysis, we also detail the specific variables that have the biggest influence on customer satisfaction across three statistical categories.

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What’s Inside Our State of the Shopping Apps Report

The digital revolution has brought a myriad of changes to the retail industry, including the birth of online shopping. While effective feedback collection mechanisms have been in place for some time, retailers of all sizes still encounter difficulties when analyzing this data. In many cases, this is due to the format of the feedback or the sheer volume of reviews that need to be assessed individually. 

Through our ecommerce apps ebook, we aim to establish a connection between factors that impact the customer experience and the influence that these variables have on satisfaction levels. 

However, we’re also tackling one of the industry’s biggest challenges to date: transforming tens of thousands of customer reviews into actionable data that can be used to make business decisions.

Our shopping apps performance report includes.

  • An explanation as to why users have a better experience on Android mobile shopping apps than on iOS platforms.
  • How usability elements and technical variables influence the shopping experience.
  • What factors separate leading shopping apps from bottom performers.
  • The different elements that are essential to a good mobile shopping experience.
  • Insights about the top performing shopping app categories (spoiler: beauty and grocery apps).
  • Textual examples of customer reviews that illustrate their pain points.
  • Non-app related variables that impact customer experience.
In our State of Shopping Apps Report, customers seem to prefer shopping for beauty and grocery products
Mobile consumers prefer shopping for beauty and grocery products. Download the full shopping apps report to find out why.

The Impact of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

All ecommerce companies want customers that purchase products on a regular basis, are loyal to the brand, and share their experiences with their inner circles.

Ensuring high customer satisfaction levels can help you achieve these goals and place your retail business on a growth trajectory. Here are some of the benefits that, according to PWC, are associated with high customer satisfaction levels.

A Higher Price Premium

Customers are willing to pay up to a 16% price premium across all industries when subjected to a great experience, and this statistic doesn’t factor in higher loyalty rates. Loyal customers can result in more referral sales and a higher loyalty program subscription rate.

More Recurring Customers

Generating sales from existing customers is more affordable than attracting new clients. A great customer experience means that customers are more open to trying additional products and services from your brand. This is because consumers evaluate a company’s overall quality, in large part, from its customer service.

Better Resource Allocation

It’s estimated that 3 out of 5 consumers in the US are willing to share personal data with companies that make them feel valued. This data can be used to create detailed marketing campaigns and to allocate resources to the more profitable channels.

Download the 2022 State of the Shopping Apps Report

Do you want to learn the true impact of customer reviews and understand the elements that impact client satisfaction levels? Download our State of the Shopping Apps Report for 2022 today.

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