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Last updated on January 23, 2024

At Lumoa we are helping lots of super successful organizations – growth companies and enterprises – manage their customer experience. We assist them with the systematic collection and analysis of Voice of the Customer (VoC) data and with sharing the state of the customer experience across their organizations. We also make it easier for them to close the loop with their customers in real-time and to make data-driven strategic decisions. But we don’t just talk the talk here at Lumoa – we most definitely walk the walk as well!

We recently sent out a NPS survey to all of our customers, asking them how likely they were to recommend Lumoa to their friends and colleagues.

This was a relationship survey, where we wanted to measure the overall health of our relationship with our customers, rather than a transactional survey which is designed to measure a specific interaction. Our recent blog article on the difference between transactional surveys and relationship surveys is a good starting point if you want to learn more about this.

When assessing NPS results it is useful to check out industry benchmarks to see how you are performing in relation to the rest of your industry. Our overall NPS score was 71 which is something that we are really proud of given that the benchmark in our industry is 26.

Lumoa Feedback form

The results of the survey were shared with everyone at Lumoa – with all staff members having access to the dashboard. It is well known that the business leaders of today democratize CX within their organizations, with all employees knowing the status of their Customer Experience and being held accountable for it.

Now, getting the data (survey results) is relatively easy (or wee buns as they say in Belfast!). But as we at Lumoa tell all our customers on a regular basis – it’s what you do with the data that is going to differentiate an outstanding customer experience program from a mediocre one.

The most successful companies are those that analyze their customer data and use it to guide decisions made about things like customer service best practices, saas product development and future marketing strategies.

They also use it to close the loop with their customers, letting customers feel heard and turning detractors and passives into promoters.

According to Fred Reichheld, the creator of NPS, improving your NPS can result in numerous business benefits such as higher margins (promoters are less price-sensitive than detractors), increased annual spend (promoters tend to buy more), greater cost efficiencies (detractors complain more and cost more to serve), higher retention rate and higher advocacy levels – what’s not to love?

Closing the loop with customers at Lumoa

One of our customers in our recent survey gave us a score of 2, so he was very firmly in the detractor camp!  When Carlos, our Head of Customer Success, saw the score and accompanying feedback he was able to fix one of the issues raised within 30 minutes.

He then contacted our customer to thank him and let him know what we had done. Kudos to this customer as because of his feedback our API documentation is now super easy to find in the Product section of our website! The customer got back to Carlos and said:

Customer Email

We have since also developed a feature based on his feedback whereby you can manually amend sentiment (on the odd occasions that it doesn’t appear correct). This is how you turn your detractors into promoters and shows the power of closing the loop!

Positive feedback that aligns with our principles

Some of the feedback that we received mentioned our marketing, and said things like this:

Customer feedback

Our intention when producing material at Lumoa is to always be customer-focused and provide resources that are really educational and useful – so it means so much to us when our customers tell us that we are nailing it!

A lot of other amazing comments related to:

  • The high quality of our data analysis

  • How we help our customers improve their customer experience

  • Ease of use and our good-looking UI

  • Our great new features

  • Quick turnaround specific to onboarding

  • Our collaborative way of working

  • High standard of our technical support

It gives us Lumoans a real buzz when we get feedback that calls out all the things that we have been focusing on, with customers saying how these things are appreciated and noticed and how they have helped in some way.

Lumoa is all about making customer-centricity simple, delivering business impact and using AI to allow our customers to move at speed from data collection to strategic action. When our customers mention these things in their feedback we know we are on the right track.

Development areas and Lumoa’s action plan

So, when we finished reading all the awesome feedback that we received from our customers, we obviously did a big group high-five, and then……… we got back to work!

At Lumoa we know that we will never be the finished product – we always want to be learning and getting better and using what our customers tell us to solve even more of their problems – to help them grow as we grow.

From this survey, we know the main areas where we need to develop, and we have already hatched a plan as to how we will do this:

  1. Get more responses to the overall survey – our next step is surveying customers when they are actually using Lumoa – making sure we are asking for feedback at the right time and hopefully getting richer insights as a result.

  2. Some feedback was around improving our technical documentation and having case studies on the website. We are currently updating our documentation, making it easier to find the case studies that we already have on our website, and creating more – to spread the word about how Lumoa is being used to help successful companies achieve their business goals through customer centricity.

  3. Improved features such as the ability to print reports and UI/UX updates to make navigation even more simple – watch this space people, these are both in development.

Exciting times ahead for us Lumoans! And we couldn’t do it without our customers – so thanks to you all for your feedback, both positive and negative. We look forward to taking it all on board as we strive to be CX leaders of the future, taking our customers there with us.

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