Lumoa becomes the first CX platform to integrate GPT


Last updated on April 5, 2023

This is Carlos del Corral, CEO and co-founder of Lumoa. And I have some very exciting news to share!

By now, we have all heard about the new generative AI solutions that have taken the market (every market) by storm. OpenAI and its ChatGPT product first and foremost. In fact, if you are on LinkedIn, there is probably not much else you have read about in the past few months. 

You have heard about the incredible (and unlimited?) possibilities that these solutions can provide to individuals and businesses alike. And you might have also heard about the drawbacks and challenges they will bring with them, particularly in terms of data security and reliability of information. 

At Lumoa, we have been listening. And right from the start we have been thinking about how this can help us deliver more value to you, faster and securely. 

Our team has been hard at work to integrate the versatile functionalities of GPT into what Lumoa already has to offer, and we are ready to launch a first iteration in the next few weeks. 

Before we get to that – I know you are curious, and I promise this won’t be long – I want to take just a moment to anchor this move to our mission. 

When we set out to build Lumoa, we wanted to give everyone in every company the possibility to make the right decisions based on the voice of the customer. 

And to do that, we have built not only the best text analytics solution in a customer experience platform, but also all the tools necessary to bring all the feedback together, make sense of it and report on it, and translate the insights into concrete actions that will deliver results. 

So, as we are becoming the first customer experience platform to integrate generative AI, we do that in a way that supercharges what we have done so far. 

GPT is amazing, but it fails even on some basic logic operations. That is why adding it to Lumoa, with its already proven and proprietary natural language processing and impact calculation logic, makes for an amazing combination. 

Let’s cut to the chase, here is what we have cooked for you. 


GPT integration

Here’s a closer look

GPT integration

We know that GPT is extremely good at mimicking natural language, so the first thing we are going to do with the integration between Lumoa and GPT is to let it write natural language. 

In a few weeks, a limited number of customers (read below if you want to be one of them) will be able to select a topic and get a GPT-powered summary in natural language, that tells you what is happening with your feedback for that specific topic. 

Soon after, we will add filters (country, product, customer segment, etc.) to the summary and insight trends (how much that insight has changed in the current period compared to the previous one). 


What this will mean, in practice, is that with Lumoa you will be able to 

  • See at a glance where it makes most sense to focus your effort. 
  • Understand changes over periods of time and the reasons why they happen. 
  • Get quick and readable summaries that you can immediately share in your reports. 


This is just the beginning. 

As we will roll out this new functionality to more and more customers, we will continue to perfect the integration with the aim, once again, to give everyone in every company the possibility to make the right decisions based on the voice of the customer. 

You have heard that by feeding customer feedback to GPT, it can tell you what your customers are talking about. 


We want to take it many steps further. 

Imagine you open your inbox on Monday morning, and you have an email from Lumoa with the subject “Weekly report about Product A”. 

And from that email, you can access not a superficial answer, but rather: 

  • An answer that takes into consideration feedback in real time from all the sources you have integrated with Lumoa. 
  • A detailed dashboard that tells you how much the problem is impacting your key KPI and that you can immediately share with key stakeholders. 
  • A clear view of what customer segment is complaining about the problem, what is their CLV, and their churn risk. 
  • A pre-filled task for the relevant person in your organisation who can follow up and close the loop. 
  • An automatic notification for key stakeholders to follow the development of the problem and how much the whole organisation is saving because you have taken action. 

All of this, with reliable, secure, and correct information. 

I am excited for the possibilities. We, at Lumoa, are excited. We are sure that by making Lumoa the first customer experience platform to integrate generative AI, we can help you even further to make the right decisions for your business. 

I hope that I got you excited as well with this small sneak preview. 

If you want to get this as soon as it’s out, fill in the form at this page and our team will be in touch with the next steps in a few days. 

And don’t worry, if you will not be among the first to get the new feature, we will continue to work very hard to get it to every one of our customers as soon as possible. 

GPT integration


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