Collaborating for Success: B2B Customer Experience Agency and Lumoa


Last updated on November 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our new partner: B2B Customer Experience Agency. By combining expertise in B2B customer experience with Lumoa’s powerful platform, we can create exceptional customer experiences that drive growth.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Anna-Maija Tanninen, founder of B2B Customer Experience Agency. We asked Anna-Maija what inspired her to start her own company and how she supports her customers to take the next step in CX.

Anna-Maija Tanninen

“B2B Customer Experience Agency was established in 2022 from my personal passion to support B2B companies in CX. For a while I had noticed there seemed to be missing a focused approach and thinking on what customer experience mean for B2B. At the same time B2B companies increasingly have customer experience in their strategies and need support in defining what it means to become customer centric. I believe especially in B2B customer experience frameworks need to be connected with business processes and understanding of the everyday realities to achieve best results.” – Anna-Maija Tanninen

In her career, Anna-Maija has worked both as a CX consultant and as an in-house Voice of the Program lead. She has supported many listed B2B companies, such as Kone, Wärtsilä and Ruukki in customer experience.

Anna-Maija explained that she collaborates with different partners to provide the best support and service depending on her customers’ needs. Many of B2B Customer Experience Agency’s clients require support for instance in building Voice of the Customer measurement models and governance with the natural next step being technology and tools for analyzing customer feedback and creating actionable insights. This is where Lumoa becomes an essential partner as it provides customers with a quick way to identify top topics driving customer experience up or down and create action plans.

“I see CX as a Service. B2B Customer Experience Agency operates in an ecosystem of CX leaders from consulting to technology. This means, with partners like Lumoa, we can build our customers skills and competences in all areas of customer experience from strategy to improvement actions.” – Anna-Maija Tanninen

This also shows that the partnership between Lumoa and B2B Customer Experience Agency is set to transform the way businesses approach customer experience, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, Suvi Lindfors, one of Lumoa’s co-founders gave her own thoughts on the partnership.

“Anna-Maija has been following Lumoa’s journey for a long time. At one point, she even used Lumoa in a client engagement. It’s great that Anna-Maija is taking an ecosystem view when establishing her own company and even greater that she trusts Lumoa to be one of the technologies in her portfolio. I strongly believe that this partnership will be most beneficial to our joint customers, not just to our companies.” – Suvi Lindfors, Lumoa co-founder

About Lumoa:

Most companies today track a number to assess how happy their customers are. NPS, CSAT, online ratings. What they miss is a way to tell what actions will move the number up or down. To do that, they would have to organize feedback from all sources; sift through thousands of rows; categorize that; find insights; map trends, and report. It’s too much.

Lumoa makes this easy. It looks at any customer interaction, automates the analysis, and highlights the items with the biggest impact. The companies we work with not only see a spike in the numbers they track, but they always know what to do next to continue growing their business.

Find out more about how we can help you.

About B2B Customer Experience Agency

B2B Customer Experience Agency provides dedicated customer experience support and advise to B2B companies. Founder Anna-Maija Tanninen has worked over 12 years in B2B both as a CX consultant and as an in-house Voice of the Customer Program Lead (KONE) and knows first-hand what it takes to develop and lead customer centricity in B2B.

B2B Customer Experience Agency operates in an ecosystem of CX thought leaders and practitioners from leading CX consultants to technologies. As our customer, you get the right expertise and support that best suit your needs, whether you are just starting with customer experience, or need advice how to take your customer experience to the next level with clearly defined CX vision and strategy, voice of the customer measurement and management model or customer centric operations.

For more information contact:

Anna-Maija Tanninen

Founder, CX Advisor

[email protected]

+358 40 6736377

B2B customer experience services (

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