Product News – August 2022
2 Sep 2022

Here are the improvements we have brought to Lumoa in the past month.

New improvements to Editing Topics

Your Topics are things like “Price” or “Customer Service” – they are created by the Lumoa AI based on what your customers are saying. But, we know that the AI is not perfect. That’s why we give you the possibility to make manual edits.

We have now improved that process as follows:

  • You can only allow one user to Edit Topics at a time – this prevents an “out of sync” issue if multiple users are making changes at once;
  • We have added confirmations when removing Topics and closing the window, to prevent lost work and user frustration.

See which feedback has been assigned to team members

Lumoa offers a way to close the loop with your customers by using the Events page.

Now, we have added the User Avatar on feedback that has been assigned. This will:

  • Make it easer to see what feedback has been assigned
  • Immediately identify the customer voice that has yet to be heard
  • See who is taking action on feedback

The User Avatar can also be changed, which we talk about below the picture! 👇

See the avatar of the colleague you have assigned customer feedback to

New ability to add an image 📸 to your profile!

Previously, User Avatars in Lumoa were done through your initials. While that remains the default, we now offer a way for you to upload a profile picture! This can be done going to your Profile Page.

This gives your Lumoa account personality and makes it easier to identify yourself, for example when it comes to the feature above.

Add personalised avatars to your profile picture in Lumoa

We plan on expanding where User Avatars are used, as well as how. We want it to be clear who is doing what actions in Lumoa, what data is being shared, who it’s being shared with, etc. This is the first step towards that goal.

New knowledge base articles

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users: