Product News – January 2024


Last updated on February 6, 2024

Lumoa Product News for January 2024

Hey everyone! Lovely seeing you again, back with more exciting Lumoa updates! We have had a doozy of a month, with lots of features that we think will make Lumoa better for you. Let’s get started!

GPT Summaries Improvements

The AI that we use to create GPT summaries has been refined and improved, thanks to your feedback!

  • Summaries should overlap and repeat themselves less often
  • Overall length will be shorter and easier to read
  • Text should now be more representative of what your customers are saying

In the future, we plan on adding a feature that will allow you to actually SEE how much feedback is associated with each part of the summary. You will even be able to click on that part of the summary to load the associated feedback. Stay tuned for this future release!

image - Lumoa

Editing Topics now features clickable keywords

Editing Topics has never been easier! Now we offer the ability to click on keywords that you have added – this allows you to see example feedback that would be associated with a Topic. That way you can “preview” the type of feedback that will get allocated to this Topic before any changes are made! Neat!

keyword+fast - Lumoa

We have a guide on Editing Topics that you can check out if you are looking to tailor your Topics to your specific needs. Note that you need to be an Admin in Lumoa in order to edit Topics.

Topic Modeling Improvements

We wanted to give you a peak under the hood and talk about an improvement we are making into how our AI creates Topics. Previously, things like “broken package”, “torn parcel”, and “damaged letter” all mean the same thing, but the Topic AI wouldn’t realize that.

We created a thing called Concepts to be the solution to this problem. Concepts aren’t something that you will be directly engaging with, but with them, our Data Science team can create systems that join phrases together.

This means that in the future, we could create a Concept for “broken package”, “torn parcel”, and “damaged letter”, so that the AI will look at them and understand that those mean the same thing.

What this means to you, is that your Topics will be more accurate and General will be smaller. We want to use Concepts to help refine our AI so that it is easier for you to get to the heart of your customers voice. We still have some changes planned though, so stay tuned for more info!

Upcoming webinars

  • Lumoa Basic Training – Are you a new user, or just want to brush up on key terms? This one is for you!

New guides in the Knowledge base to level up your Lumoa experience

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users. Note that you will need to be logged in to Lumoa in order to access certain guides:

  • Custom Graphs – Created a new article on use cases for certain graphs
  • SSO Documentation – Added clarity that SSO requires a fee to setup
  • GPT and Lumoa FAQ – Added a few sections on Ask Lumoa, removed sections on “new” features

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!

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