Product News – October 2022
8 Nov 2022

Here are the improvements we have brought to Lumoa in the past month.

Changes to SSO login

SSO stands for Single Sign on. It allows users for your organization to access Lumoa without you needing to invite them first. Its a generally faster and more secure method of logging in to Lumoa. Now, it just got even better.

  • SSO users can now use normal login page to access Lumoa
  • Login Page URL is
  • Any old URL used to access Lumoa using SSO has been retired

If you are interested in getting SSO set up for your organization, feel free to contact your CS manager or deliver this guide to your IT team.

Get notified of your integrations

Long time users are already familiar with out Integrations Hub, a place where you can pull your data from web sources like Google Play with just a few clicks. Moving forward, you will get notified after an integration completes pulling over its data – no more waiting!

  • One click – no code required for integrations
  • Competitor Analysis – pull over competitors data
  • Own the market – look at your competitors negative feedback to gain an edge in your business!

To learn more about our Integrations Hub, feel free to check out our article which walks you through the page.

The Lumoa Integrations Hub

New Sentiment AI to detect irony 🔎

Sometimes your end users will submit feedback like “great service, I waited for 3 hours on the phone” and submit a score of 0. Clearly, the service was not great 😅. Moving forward, the AI will do a better job of detecting when a customer is being sarcastic for negative comments and assign sentiment appropriately.

More accurate sentiment detection will lead to better topic analysis and in turn a more accurate voice of the customer.

Dashboards in the UI got a beauty update

You may have noticed that Dashboards have gotten a facelift. We did this to address a few things.

  • Making it easier to see whether a dashboard is Private or Public
  • Better organize options that can be taken within your Dashboard
  • Just make things prettier, gosh

New knowledge base articles

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users: