Product News – September 2022
5 Oct 2022

Here are the improvements we have brought to Lumoa in the past month.

Share data with other users

We want everyone to be able to act based on the voice of the customer. Due to this, we made a few changes to how Dashboards and Cards can be shared with others:

  • Your Private Dashboard can now be shared with other users – for example, this lets you make a template to give new users for easy onboarding;
  • Cards can now be linked and shared among your coworkers – this lets you quickly spread the word about changes in your data.

To learn more about how to share cards and data, please refer to our guide that goes over How to Share Dashboards and Cards in more detail.

We believe the voice of the customer is paramount to a businesses success. That’s why we are reminding you Lumoa does not charge for seats! You can invite as many people as you want to see your customers feedback, at no additional cost. Sharing the info you get out of Lumoa has never been easier 😎.

Filter assigned feedback on the Impact Page

Lumoa has offered a way to close the loop with your customers by using the Events page for some time. Now, we have added a way to filter by assignee on the Impact page, so that you can:

  • Easily see what feedback has been assigned and to whom;
  • See if there is feedback that has not been assigned yet and what feedback that is;
  • Filter feedback that is assigned to a given colleague.

New incremental topic modeling

We have launched a new iteration of our AI when creating Topics. We call the process of our AI creating Topics as “Topic Modeling”. The goals for the new Topic Modeling AI are:

  • Created Topics will be more respective of users manual changes, such as manual keyword additions
  • Topics you deleted will not be recreated by AI, even if there would be enough feedback to warrant a Topic being created.
  • The AI will attempt to add keywords to Topics that you have created manually, to make them more accurate for future data that comes in.

The new Topic Modeling AI is turned on by default, so its already in effect for those of you with Recurring Topic Modeling.

New knowledge base articles

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users: