Shawbrook Bank chooses Lumoa to manage and analyze customer feedback
8 Feb 2023

The retail and commercial bank based in the UK is processing customer feedback from a variety of channels. They have chosen Lumoa to consolidate that in a single platform and analyze what customers say in real-time.

Helsinki, 31 January 2023

The UK-based retail and commercial bank Shawbrook has selected Lumoa to help them manage and analyze feedback from their customers. Shawbrook believes that customer experience is a key factor determining the success of financial institutions in today’s market, and for that reason, they want to ensure they can see in real-time what customers are saying and how that impacts their KPIs.

“We have lots of customer insights across different communications channels right across the organisation”, says Jim Brown, Customer Director at Shawbrook. “Working with Lumoa enables us to draw these insights together from multiple sources into one platform, which enables rich analysis and deep understanding.”

Headquartered in Finland, Lumoa is the feedback analytics platform that looks at all customer feedback and tells companies what to do next to grow their business.

“We are customer experience and customer insights professionals ourselves”, says Carlos del Corral, Lumoa CEO and co-founder. “We understand the pain of having thousands of rows of open text feedback from different channels, reading through it, making sense of it, and then having to regularly report on it. We built Lumoa to make all that easy and in real time, so customer experience teams can focus on driving real change.”

“Our ability to deliver brilliant customer experiences, consistently and at scale, is what sets Shawbrook apart”, continues Jim Brown. “Lumoa will support our strong CX culture by helping us to deliver valuable customer insights right across the business because there is no limit to the number of people we can onboard under the same plan. What’s more, it’s an intuitive platform that anybody can use.”

Shawbrook Bank got was first introduced to Lumoa thanks to the work of CX ALL, a consulting firm advising companies in the UK globally around all aspects of Customer Experience and customer support.

“It has been a pleasure working with Shawbrook Bank and Lumoa” says Richard Jeffreys, founder of CX ALL. “From my early discussions with Shawbrook Bank it was apparent that they understood the importance of leveraging their data, across different channels, to capture the actionable insights that deliver customer, culture, and commercial benefits. Culturally and functionally, Lumoa is an obvious and ideal long-term partner for Shawbrook Bank.”

“With Lumoa, we are able to deliver dynamic insights to our people across Shawbrook, enabling us to respond to changing customer needs and demands at speed”, states Jim Brown. “That is really going to have an impact.”

About Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook is a new type of specialist financial services company, combining the relentless focus on customer service and innovation you would expect from a fintech with the expertise and certainty of a bank. Shawbrook is driven by a purpose to solve complex problems that unlock opportunities for its rapidly growing customer base of over 300,000 UK consumers and businesses.

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About Lumoa

Most companies today track a number to assess how happy their customers are. NPS, CSAT, online ratings. What they miss is a way to tell what actions will move the number up or down. To do that, they would have to organise feedback from all sources; sift through thousands of rows; categorise that; find insights; map trends; and report. It’s too much. Lumoa makes this easy. It looks at any customer interaction, automates the analysis, and highlights the items with the biggest impact. The companies we work with not only see a spike in the numbers they track, but they always know what to do next to continue growing their business.

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About CX All – “How does Customer Experience directly drive shareholder value?”. CX ALL was established by Richard Jeffreys, bringing global leadership experience in Banking and Fintech to help companies answer this question. CX ALL helps companies hardwire their ‘customer story’ to their ‘money story’. Hardwire customer satisfaction to revenue growth. Hardwire investment decisions to improve scalability, reduced costs and building quality solutions and services that drive retention and growth. CX All helps companies define and embed the right cultures, improve employee experience, and design the organisational models that deliver sustainable commercial results.

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