How to use public reviews to improve customer experience
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9 Dec 2022

People give public reviews on your product whether it’s on the App Store or Play Store, on TrustRadius or Capterra, on Tripadvisor or And, it’s more likely that you’re very familiar with how many stars or thumbs up you get on average. On the other hand, you might not know why people rate your product high or low.

Recently, we organized a webinar about how to integrate public reviews using Lumoa where “that cool guy Garen” showed:

  • How to bring public reviews in Lumoa within minutes
  • The dashboard where you can monitor what customers say in real-time
  • How to identify key pain points that you can immediately tackle to increase the score
  • How to add your competitors’ public reviews to the mix, so you can get a reliable benchmark and win in the market.


There are many ways to use the integration function, and this is just one example. Lumoa has very clear open APIs and based on your goals, integrations can serve various purposes. By using this feature, you will learn much more than you ever thought possible and be more capable of “owning the market”.

Public reviews - Lumoa