10 Most Relevant NPS Software Platforms


Last updated on April 24, 2024

What Is an NPS Software?

It is vital for companies to know if their clients and customers are happy with their service and products, and NPS solutions are one of the best ways to find out. Net Promoter Score is a benchmark for customer loyalty that tells how your customers understand your business and feel about it. In simple words, NPS software is a tool, that helps businesses measure and track NPS results and get in-depth insights from customers.

Reasons To Invest in an NPS Software

Their perspective represents their sentiments regarding your brand, products, services, and business model. It will help you understand your customers and discover more valuable approaches to enhance your products or services. Here are some of the top reasons why NSP you should invest in NPS software:

Minimizes Customer Churn Rate

Business growth can be understood by measuring the inflow and outflow of the customers in the business. Churn rate those numbers of customers who left your company because of having a bad customer experience. These churn customers are the biggest threat to your brand, as they can spread negative words. NSP software will help you control churn by keeping your eyes on the software.

Measure Customer Loyalty

NSP software is beneficial for every company as it helps measure customer loyalty. This factor helps grow the business by recommending your brand to other customers. With the help of NSP, you can measure if you acquire satisfied or unsatisfied customers.

Improves Business Profit

The business profit comes from the customers, and if your customers are happy with your brand, they will come back. Aiming for a high NPS score will help you in increasing your profit and achieve a high ROI on your customer experience.

NPS surveys or full NPS analytics?

The question of “What should you invest in: survey or analytics?” reminds me a lot “Chicken vs. Egg”-dilemma. Without a properly crafted customer survey, you would not get enough data. And without great analytics, you would not understand your data. Both these steps of building the Voice of Customer-program are essential for its success.

However, when debating survey vs. analytics, professionals often forget why they started the customer experience management program in the first place. Usually, the reason is between understanding the needs of their customers and driving advocacy and profit with a better customer experience. For that, leaders should stop spending all their time collecting and analyzing by trusting it to the right tools and spend time on driving product and customer experience changes by looking at the results of customer feedback.

1.   Lumoa

Lumoa NPS software
With Lumoa you can easily find out what drives your NPS score up and down

Lumoa is one of the leading AI-based customer insight platforms that help companies gather and generate insights from customer feedback. It is all-in-one SaaS platform for collecting and analyzing customer feedback, including NPS feedback. You can easily identify the topics that drives your NPS score up and down.  And maybe more importantly, you can see exactly how much each topic impacts on the NPS score, which makes it easy to prioritize the issues that needs to be dealt with first.

Key Features

  • Understand what drives the NPS up and down, and with how much.
  • Analyze feedback in more than 60+ languages.
  • Analyze any type of feedback such as NPS, CSAT, CES, or open text.
  • Analyze feedback from any source; surveys, chat, reviews, Social media, phone calls, etc.
  • Unlimited users
  • Offers free trials

Read more: Lumoa.me

2.    Survicate

Survicate is a popular customer feedback tool that offers four preeminent services: Mobile App Surveys, Website Feedback Surveys, Surveys & Forms. Suricate’s focus is more towards collecting feedback rather than analyzing feedback, but they do offer some basic analysis of feedback. One of its significant qualities is that it is easy to use and has 125 ready-to-use survey templates. You can run the surveys through emails, apps, websites, and links. It offers integration with tools such as google sheets, google analytics, HubSpot, and many more.

Key Features

  • Easy to create good-looking surveys
  • Several survey trigger option
  • It has a questioning library, where the customers’ questions are stored
  • Unlimited free users and surveys
  • Integration possibilities

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3.   Promoter.io

Promotoer.io is one of the top NPS software used for analyzing customer satisfaction and gaining insight into the customers’ response. It collects the information by analyzing, engaging, measuring, and growing customer engagement. One of the only barriers is that its price may start steeping. It is equipped with many extremely easy tools and consists of over a million questions, making it even more desirable. Through this software, you can create NPS surveys in no time and then schedule them for automatic dispersal.

Key Features

  • Collect NPS feedback via email, SMS, and embedded link
  • Support surveys in 27 languages
  • Real-time text analytics
  • Superb user interface (UI)

Read more: promoter.io

4.   Trustmary

Trustmary is a review and feedback system that not only helps you measure NPS but also gets you authentic customer reviews. When you send your customers an NPS survey with open feedback, you can ask the Promoters to leave their feedback as public reviews. You can then easily add the testimonials to your website with a review widget or share them on social media. Integrate Trustmary with your CRM or other daily tools to create an automatic feedback collection process. Get customer experience reports that help you follow your success in real-time.

Key Features

  • NPS survey templates
  • Always updated reports
  • Turn feedback into reviews
  • Various integration and automation options

Read more: Trustmary

5.   Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is an omnichannel feedback management tool that lets you capture feedback across channels like websites, products, in-app, emails, SMS, kiosk, and offline. The survey software is geared towards empowering businesses to do more with insights received from the users. It helps run effective NPS surveys across different touchpoints in the customer journey and offers in-depth, actionable insights to drive loyalty. Not only does it come with several ready-to-use NPS survey templates to send NPS surveys instantly, but it also helps measure customer loyalty and convert detractors into passives and passives into promoters.

Key Features

  • Advanced NPS survey tool with in-depth insights to prevent churn
  • Comprehensive survey software at competitive pricing
  • Sync NPS surveys with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other CRMs, collaboration tools, or helpdesk
  • Close the feedback loop by taking actions based on responses received

Read more: Zonka Feedback

6.   Satismeter

Satismeter’s software is completely devoted to the NPS. Its features are relatively easy to understand compared to the other NPS software, making it different. The pricing is based on the responses, and all the features are available in all the plans. It truly helps you analyze and understand what your customers want without creating a lot of puzzlement.

Key Features

  • Works with Android, iOS, email, apps, and web
  • You can invite an unlimited number of team members for no extra cost

Read more: Satismeter

7.   Retently

Even though Retently is a bit expensive, it boasts multiple superior features. It allows you to present the survey to the customers on the most appropriate or convenient channel. You can segment your audience and, for each segment, run different surveys. It lets you customize your survey’s visual appearance to make it more fetching.

Key Features

  • Specialized NPS software
  • Collect NPS feedback on your website, via email, or in-app
  • Automate survey scheduling via workflows and webshooks
  • Integration possibilities, such as Slack, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and many more
  • Option to run multiple surveys at once for various customer segments

Read more: Retently

8. Nicereply

Nicereply is a survey tool for marketers and customer support to understand the engagement of digital assets: blog content, website, emails, and product marketing. Nicereply made it easy to follow up the survey results and contact promoters, detractors or passives separately in order to drive brand advocacy and reduce churn.

Key Features

  • Survey software for marketers and customer support
  • Collect NPS, CES or CSAT on your web pages or via email
  • Understand the performance of digital assets: from blog content to UX of website
  • Close the feedback loop by addressing the feedback directly


Read more: Nicereply

9.   SurveySensum

SurveySensum is very convenient when it comes to user experience. It allows you to launch surveys according to the timing which is most apt for you and ask questions that you wish to get answers for very precisely. It provides alerts for notifications and tracks the customer’s sentiments through its sentiment analysis feature.

Key Features

  • AI-enabled customer experience management platform
  • Easy to use interface

Read more: Surveysensum

10. Delighted

This NPS software allows you to create customer and employee surveys in minutes. With Delighted you can collect multiple types of feedback such as, NPS, CSAT, CES, 5-start surveys etc. Users can easily administer their surveys via email, SMS, web, and link. Delighted accommodates multiple integrations and allows customers to give their insights properly through free response follow-ups to the particular NPS questions.

Key Features

  • Multi-language support in 30+ languages
  • Automated surveying
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Feedback scoring and reports

Read more: Delighted

The Future of NPS Software

Gartner states that by 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, an increase of 400% from 2017. Indeed, CX software is on the rise, with AI and predictive analytics in most demand and 31% of organizations have already invested in technology like AI to outpace the competition.

We hope this article has cleared all your doubts regarding which NPS software to choose. These are the top 10 NSP tools, which will help you get hold of your products & services to deliver effective results. Whether you select the NPS software from our list or not, make sure to use it for your business. NPS is an efficient method to judge your customer’s satisfaction quotient and thus retain them for a longer duration.

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