Fonecta is the largest provider of digital sales and marketing services in Finland. See how they compare feedback at different touchpoints to improve the overall customer experience.

Real-time analysis

As often in large companies, Fonecta had diverse practices for customer experience management across different departments. Product development, customer support, sales and marketing cared about the customer journey, but all in a different way. Different teams used different tools and approaches.

Soon Fonecta realised that a structured customer feedback management would help to define how the company treated and wanted to treat the customers in the future. To reach this target, Lumoa came into help.

Having all the customer experience data in one place gives the possibility to act on customer feedback systematically. Now 80 employees of Fonecta, including the top management of the company, have access to the customer feedback using Lumoa and are able to understand how they can improve the customer experience.

“With no unified reporting, it was hard to follow what our customers really want. We were taking rather reactive than pro-active approach. Lumoa brought us a deeper view into NPS and an easy way to see a bigger picture. Now we are able to get reports automatically with a few clicks,”- shares Annukka Toivanen, Customer Insight Manager at Fonecta.


Fonecta’s customer feedback comes from several survey tools, multiple touchpoints and channels: all the way from SMS to emails. Lumoa helps Fonecta to scale customer experience management – bring the data to the right stakeholders in the company and boost the amount of customer feedback without spending more resources.

“We are able to steer the data and look into each touchpoint separately. Now we can do much more than just react to the customer feedback individually; we are able to make larger changes, compare results by touchpoint and improve the experience as a whole” – says Toivanen, – “Lumoa is a strategic tool, a simple and easy customer insight dashboard for the management team. It helps us to understand our customers better.”