Musti Group

Musti Group is the leading retailer of pet food and supplies in Scandinavia, combining both physical stores and e-commerce. Read how they have increased CSAT, while at the same time saving time and money.


Musti Group is the biggest pet supply chain in Scandinavia. In total, the company has 270 stores located across Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

To provide over 1 million customers with the best customer experience possible, Musti Group uses Lumoa. Musti Group doesn’t only save time and money by using Lumoa, they can also manage the customer experience both online and offline.

With an impressive NPS score of 75 for the whole of Musti Group and a NPS score of 80 in Finland for Musti ja Mirri – they are definitely doing something right!

Musti Group uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) as the main metric for measuring customer experience. Juhana Lamberg, Country Manager for Musti ja Mirri in Finland, introduced Lumoa to the company. He believes that NPS is an excellent metric for Musti Group to use to track customer experience and to develop the business.

Musti Group collects customer feedback on a regular basis. NPS surveys are sent to 5% of customers after they make a purchase, either online or in a physical store. The responses collected are in turn sent to Lumoa for analysis and insight generation.

Juhana comments “With the help of Lumoa we are able to save time and money. We do not need to analyze thousands of customer comments by ourselves. Lumoa analyzes and points out the factors that we need to focus on, making it much easier to take action.”


Musti Group is now able to easily track customer experience related issues, and share the results across the organization.

The company has taken the decision to widely share access to the Lumoa dashboard so that the status of CX in Musti Group is known at the executive level, across all departments and also in the individual shops. Country Managers and their teams, and those in charge of sales and customer service have access to Lumoa as well.

“We want to create a transparent culture in the company. We want everybody to be able to see the current status of customer experience and to see what kind of feedback we receive. We also want them to not only see the performance in their own country, but to see how we are performing across the group”-adds Juhana.

A positive culture of sharing best practices and using the best teams to benchmark performance helps the entire organization to improve.

By sharing access to Lumoa, it is easy to compare store specific NPS scores. If a particular store lags behind, the store manager is empowered by Lumoa to review and improve the customer experience. Lumoa shows what drives CX down and by how much, so the manager knows straight away what to focus his or her improvement initiatives on.

Musti Group’s impressive NPS score of 75 tells you that their customer experience is definitely something spectacular. Their success is all about providing their customers with the most caring and expert service there is, and it sets the foundation for all interactions.

Juhana concludes: “The best thing with Lumoa is that we can easily see what our customer appreciates and also what isn’t satisfying them. Lumoa helps us in seeing beyond the numbers. Understanding what drives the customer experience of our loyal customers helps us in sharing the best practices and improving our performance every month.”