Postnord is the leading supplier of communications and logistics solutions in the Nordics. Read how they now take actions based on customer feedback and how they made the whole organization responsible for customer experience.


PostNord encounters over 10 000 package receivers every week. This is often nowadays the only touchpoint where they actually interact with the end-customer. Customer satisfaction is very important for PostNord, and it’s therefore they diligently collect customer feedback in these interactions.

Last year, PostNord received over 46 000 customer feedbacks.

– It’s the feedback that we receive that is leading our development. That also shows us where we have been able to develop successful services and what we should develop next, say’s PostNord’s Head of Customer Experience Kati Packalén.

Due to the vast increase of online shopping, the number of deliveries and returns have also increased significantly during the last years.

Our customer experience has improved, and new services are developed based on the customer feedback that we receive.

-A concrete example is our new home delivery model that allows for more transparent deliveries within shorter timeframes, says Packalén.

To be able to address issues in the customer experience, the voice of the customer needs to be heard, and you need to analyze that data in a relevant and efficient way. PostNord has now for over a year collaborated with a customer feedback analytics platform called Lumoa. Compared to the old customer experience analytics tool that they have used, Lumoa has been able to provide numerous advantages to the organization.

-What has previously been missing in the analytics tools is artificial intelligence. With Lumoa you can easily overview all your data in UI and we can examine the data however we want, and track how different parts in the organizations impacts each other, describes Packalén.

Agility and custom-made features

The idea of Lumoa started based on Carlos Del Corral and two other founders own experiences. Working at international companies such as Microsoft and Nokia they noticed that the voice of the customer (VoC) was often left unheard due to ineffective analytics.

-I have experienced the same problems myself that many of our customers have suffered from. We wanted to develop a tool that anybody in the organization could use and ensure that VoC data is turned into actions, say’s Del Corral.

According to Packalén, Lumoa is very agile and easy to work with.

-We continuously together with Lumoa meet and discuss further how they can help us – help our customers.They consider our suggestions, they test the changes, and then they implement them. We can ourselves impact a lot on what kind of service we want, says Packalén.

Lumoa combines AI and tailoring of features to ensure that customer’s needs are met. You can not only, collect and analyze basic customer feedback through surveys, you can also, for example, analyze customer service calls or chat messages, so that all data can be viewed in one place.

-The user can decide what topics he or she wants to look at. For example, the management team is probably interested to look into other topics than a person working with service design for mobile devices, explains Del Corral.

From Data to Action

Just analyzing data is not enough, you have to act on the insights that you find in the customer feedback. When the customer feedback has been collected, the data is analyzed. The analysis process contains many steps, including e.g. Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis and sentiment analysis. Lumoa is able to detect sentiments and understand what, and with how much, different topics drive the customer experience up and down. What makes Lumoa different from other similar tools is that they can combine numerical values with open-text feedback and prioritize themes and topics automatically for you.

-If a customer has for example complained that a delivery is late or that a package has been delivered to the wrong address, Lumoa will find those issues and show that those needs to be fixed to improve the customer experience, explains Del Corral.

Lumoa can create events based on the feedback found and assign them automatically to a specific employee or employees that are in charge of that specific function. Instead of that feedback is only read by the one person that is in charge of reading customer feedback in the organization, the insights can now easily be shared with the team or department in charge of that specific function in the organization.

-Customer experience is not something that only one person in the organization is in charge of, everyone in the organization is in charge of it. All the work that we do on PostNord has an impact on the customer experience. Lumoa has made it possible for us to share the customer insights across the whole organization, explains Packalén.

Targeted activities have reduced the manual work.

– Since we want that feedback should be the driving force of change in the organization, you can through Lumoa, get reminders for fulfilling your goals. In the future you will be able to make decisions automatically, say’s Del Corral.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

Even though many businesses say that they care about their customers, Del Corral claims that it is often “just talk”. For example, if long lines are one of the biggest issues impacting the customer experience negatively, but you don’t do anything about it since it requires money to make a change.

-It’s hard for many businesses to see a connection between the feedback and return on investment, and it’s hard to prove that this link exists, states Del Corral.

The pressure to develop and sell new products can lead to products that haven’t been enough tested or developed properly, ends up on the market. Del Corral sees that these short-sighted strategies have a straight impact on the customer experience, sales, and the brand.

With Lumoa we try to address these issues by developing a tool that can predict these things. Through numerical prediction, it’s possible to predict the correlation between customer satisfaction and return, which makes it easier to discuss these things with the top management.

We will provide a prediction of the return on investment when you act on the feedback. With the help of this tool, organizations will be able to predict the return on their strategies and set new priorities.

For PostNord, prioritizing customer satisfaction has resulted in some outstanding results.

Customer Experience Analytics is a very important tool that lets us identify issues that otherwise would have been very hard to identify, summarizes Packalén.

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