Teosto is a non-profit organization that manages copyrights of music for more than 3 million creators, composes, and publishers. See how everyone in the company now has visibility and access to customer feedback, and how that improves the experience for their customers.

Access to feedback

Before Teosto took Lumoa into use, they tried to collect feedback but the tools they used were not helpful and they were not getting enough responses. This meant that they were not able to use feedback to make decisions and improve their services.

“Our main challenge at that time was that we didn’t get enough feedback, we didn’t know what customers thought about us, which meant that we didn’t really know in what way we should go”, says Miia Engberg, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Teosto.

The music and licensing industry is very complex and unique to its nature.

“It’s very important for us to get a better understanding of our customers, so we can improve our services and make our customer experience as good as possible”, says Miia Engberg.

Taking control of the customer experience

Teosto has understood the importance and value that a great customer experience can bring them. They decided to strengthen their customer experience efforts and take Lumoa, a more efficient customer insight platform, into use.

Teosto started by ensuring that they collect feedback from their main customer segments.

“We have a very wide customer base, and we want to get feedback from them to know how they experience the services that we provide them with”, comments Miia.

Teosto’s two main customer segments are the music creators, where Teosto represents the creators and sells rights to use their music. The second important segment is their licensing customers, who buy licenses to have the right to use the music. These are, for example, media companies, streaming companies like Netflix, concert organizers or any other organization that want to use the music in some way.

Overviewing the journey and increasing responses

To get a full view of their customer’s journey, Teosto implemented feedback collection with Lumoa from different touchpoints along the customer journey, such as their online portal, customer support, and their public website. This also helped them increase their feedback volumes.

Teosto collects feedback both in their own web service and directly on their website. In addition, they have also integrated Salesforce with Lumoa so they can automatically follow up on customers who have interacted with their customer service.

As soon as someone sends an email inquiry to their customer service, an NPS email is triggered to be sent from Salesforce when the case has been resolved. When the customer leaves feedback, the feedback is automatically sent to Lumoa for analysis. The customer service team can then look at the feedback, and all generated insights, directly in Lumoa.

All the teams benefit from Lumoa insights

One of Lumoa’s biggest advantages is that everybody has access to the platform and the insights Lumoa generates. Multiple teams in different parts of the organization such as:

  • Board of Directors: Miia, the Chief Experience Officer, share insights from Lumoa to the board every month to ensure that the customer experience is aligned with their overall business strategy.
  • Management: drives customer-centricity through regular meetings where they share and discuss status and insights.
  • Website: webs service owners and product owners are also responsible to check on the insights related to their field of work in Lumoa.
  • Customer service: The feedback is reviewed in weekly team meetings to improve customer experience.
  • Additionally, different teams within Teosto look at team-related insights in Lumoa, they also follow the development on a higher level.

“We have regular meetings with all Teosto employees, where we discuss the current status of our customer experience and share what kind of feedback we have received”, says Miia.

Taking Lumoa into use has been a game-changer for Teosto as they now have a full view of their customer’s journey, they have increased their feedback volumes, they have started to follow NPS closely, and, what is most important, they are taking action based on the insights that Lumoa provides.

“Now everyone at the organization knows that we’re actively measuring NPS, they also know what the score is, and what our goal is. We have a target to improve our NPS score 10% on a yearly basis”, says Miia.

Driving concrete actions based on customer feedback

Lumoa has helped Teosto identify and focus on the areas that need improvement. With Lumoa they have been able to identify problems that are easy to solve in the short term and other items that will require a company-wide effort and coordination.

“With Lumoa we know what the problems are, which was really eye-opening for us”, says, Miia

There are multiple examples of findings and actions taken to drive customer experience, for example:

  • Simplifying the license purchasing process: Lumoa uncovered that it has been very hard for customers to purchase the right license for a certain music-usage purpose through their website.
  • “Our customers haven’t found a suitable license, they have called our customer service instead”, comments Miia.
  • Customer expectations around the cost of service calls: “We also found out that our customers complained because our service number was not for free. Now we have changed our service number, so it doesn’t charge the caller. We would never have found out that this was an issue before Lumoa”, says Miia.
  • Navigating COVID while driving new business cases: COVID-19 greatly impacted the music industry with canceled concerts and events.

During this time, Teosto noticed a big increase in the demand for streaming licenses so they developed new types of licenses for the streaming specific case. The high demand for the streaming service caused extreme pressure on their customer service team because so many customers reached out to them asking about this new type of license. Thanks to Lumoa they were able to navigate and fix the challenges with the new service.

“It was through Lumoa we found out how severe and difficult the situation actually was. By having all have feedback stored in one place, we could monitor the situation directly in Lumoa. It really helped us focus and allocate the resources needed to solve the situation”, comments Miia.

The importance of understanding customer experience along the customer journey

“Lumoa has really helped us understand how hard it was for our customers to understand the type of services we offer. This was something that only a few in our customer service team had understood before, but most of our employees didn’t know how hard it was for our customers.

Lumoa has really helped us spread that understanding, and we’re also able to show these challenges in a concrete way. It has helped us change our culture towards a more customer-centric orientation so that we always think about our customers when we’re developing something new.

Lumoa is an important tool that helps us spread the voice of the customer across the organization”, says Miia.