Vainu provides a platform for sales prospecting and serves 1500+ customers and 12k users. For Vainu, customer feedback is an essential source for product and service development.

Real-time analysis

The fast-scaling startup Vainu had systematically collected feedback from customers with quarterly e-mail and in-app surveys since the very establishment of the company. The company was manually analyzing all the data which started to be a time-consuming process.

Together with the fast growth of the business, the number of customers and customer feedback rose as well. Analyzing the feedback manually started to take too much time and less time was left for implementing actions based on that feedback.

Vainu took into use Lumoa’s customer feedback analytics and started to use it for analyzing their customer feedback. Lumoa’s service, after a little bit of teaching, assigned automatically the feedback to categories that were relevant for Vainu.

Additional insight to the analytics was added by tying each response to a set of background variables, such as role, or customer industry. The combination of business-driven categorization and rich background variables brought deeper insights to Vainu on what drove their NPS up or down.

Along the use of service, Lumoa’s professional team supported Vainu also in simplifying and optimizing the customer feedback collection yielding improved response rates to surveys.

“Lumoa confirmed our thoughts on what should be prioritized for both product and service. We receive the actionable insights fast and the use of the service is extremely straightforward.”
Ella Tyrväinen, Customer Success,

With the help of Lumoa, Vainu gained insights into what factors affect customer experience negatively and what are of positive influence. They could also, e.g. compare NPS impact drivers per industry or customer roles. The analysis confirmed team’s thoughts on the directions of customer-oriented development and highlighted which features should be prioritized for product development and customer service.

As a result, Vainu decided to start pushing its CRM integration to its users more actively. This was because the analysis of the NPS scores on Lumoa clearly showed greater user satisfaction with those who had activated Vainu’s CRM integration than those who hadn’t.

With less time spent on analysis, Vainu could focus more on making feedback actionable. Thanks to the feedback, the company is now focusing 100% on fixing the most impactful negative drivers and delivering even more customer-oriented products and services.