Carlos del Corral Appointed as the CEO of Lumoa
17 Dec 2021

M.Sc., MBA and a co-founder of Lumoame Oy Carlos del Corral, has been appointed as the CEO of Lumoame Oy, (“Lumoa”) as of 17th December 2021. Johanna Sinkkonen, a co-founder, will leave her position as CEO.

The business and growth of Lumoa are driven by the megatrends of data driven decision making, customer focus and digitalization. Lumoa AI is used in multiple industries, such as telco, ecommerce, logistics, retail, banking and utilities. Following the change, Lumoa will continue to aim high, empower even more its customers to drive business and continue building industry leading AI service. 

Carlos del Corral takes the lead as the CEO and continues also to lead the Customer Success Team. Co-founder Suvi Lindfors continues to lead the sales efforts. 

Carlos del Corral, CEO of Lumoa comments: 

“I want to thank Johanna for all her hard work and support taking Lumoa to where we are. At the same time, I’m humbled by this opportunity and extremely proud of our talented and committed team and our strong global client footprint. I’m confident that, together, we will accelerate Lumoa’s growth to fulfill our mission of  empowering every individual in any organization to make the right decisions based on voice of the customer data” 

Johanna Sinkkonen, the member of the Board of Lumoa comments: 

”My journey at Lumoa has been incredible. I want to thank all our customers and the whole team for getting us this far. We have a brilliant product, a super committed team and loyal customers. I am proud of what we have achieved and how we have together taken the company from being just a vague idea to a thriving and diverse group of smart individuals and a product, Lumoa, that can challenge all the big players in the market. I am happy to continue supporting this incredible growth journey from the board level, focusing on setting the strategic direction for the company. Our strong values and clear mission are a great foundation to build our next chapter.” 

Lumoame Oy 
Board of Directors 

For further information, please contact: 
Chairman of the Board 
Carlos del Corral, [email protected], +358-40-162 5139 

Lumoa in brief 
Lumoame Oy, established 2016, is a Helsinki-based technology startup empowering every employee in every organization to make the right decision based on voice of the customer data. Lumoa helps organizations to take their customer experience into control, make better decisions, and measure their success and the impact of investments using customer feedback. Lumoa online service is using AI to automatically generate actionable customer insights across 60+ languages for faster and easier decision making.