Measuring Digital Experiences with Lumoa and Giosg
15 Oct 2021

Take control of your digital customer experience

By integrating Giosg with Lumoa you have an easy way to trigger surveys directly in your digital channels while Lumoa turns the feedback into actionable insights.

With the intelligent triggering and targeting provided by Giosg’s online surveys, you can optimize the moments in which you collect the feedback, and with Lumoa’s AI you can understand in detail how to improve each step of your digital customer experience.

With Lumoa’s Giosg integration you can:

  • Easily build custom-designed surveys
  • Trigger surveys based on website behavior
  • Trigger surveys for repeat website visitors
  • Trigger surveys based on specific URL or Campaign

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Video Transcript

My name is johanna and I work at Lumoa!

Why did Lumoa partner with Giosg?

We started to get more and more requests – that, what would be the solution that would enable very advanced triggering for instance, or very specific type of pop-ups. Something that is non-intrusive, nice looking, and works just perfectly.

So we started basically to investigate the marke, and trying to understand what is the best solution out there.

How do Giosg tools help Lumoa customers?

The uniqueness in the Giosg solution, is obviously that it is so advanced, that our customers can decide that they trigger the survey only for a very specific user group, or only after the user has done something special.

And then finally which is super important for us. We don’t only get the survey results, what people wrote there, but we also get background variables. Variables, like, what was the user group. What was the size of the shopping basket when they exited the experience, etc. So we can then do root cause analysis and tell exactly what our customers should fix in that experience.

Understanding the digital journey

Do you want them to for instance find some crucial information, so that they don’t need to call your phone support. Do you want them to book an appointment successfully? So start from targets. Then map the customer journey towards that target – what needs to happen so the person can successfully achieve this.

And then you can after that, start measuring. Measure, if customers like that full experience, if they could do it successfully. If they didn’t, what went wrong? And then start asking for feedback.

And then obviously we come in, in that phase, so Giosg can help triggering the surveys during those critical moments. And then we take all that data in, and tell what’s wrong, and what is going well.

Where to find out more?

If you want to learn more about how Lumoa and Giosg can together help you in achieving your targets, please check the links in the video description.